Saturday, May 1, 2010

Columbia, SC and Baltimore, MD

Hello from Columbia, South Carolina!
It's not all fun and games!  Check out all my school stuff!
Heely's, human shoes, cart shoes, tap shoes!
Pretzel Time
Yummy food and late night fun at Flying Saucer in Columbia
Fun with sparklers...thanks David!
Nate, David, Nate, Terry, and Me!
Orioles vs. Yankees in Baltimore, MD
Camden Yards              Goofy Tommy
Steve (with a grumpy face!), Me, and Ellen
Michael, Alex, and Tony

If you're counting, Columbia, South Carolina was our 19th stop on the tour! We played at the Kroger Center on the campus of the University of South Carolina in Columbia.  There was a cool restaurant near by called the Flying Saucer.  I got the delicious soft pretzel with bratwurst and cheese. We also shared chili cheese fries, nachos, spinach artichoke dip, and salad. The picture of all the books in the big suitcase is all of my school stuff. I can't even pick it up, it's so heavy! I can't wait until June to be done with school. The picture underneath that one is all of my shoes that I have at the theatre!  I usually wear my Heely's to the theatre as a fun way to get there, the tan shoes are my custom made Capizio costume shoes, the slippers I get to wear in my cart and while lounging around, and the tap shoes are for my lessons with Tony!  One night, David bought some sparklers and we lit them outside of our hotel.  I like to wave them around and spell out words.
On the way to our next stop on the tour, we stayed overnight in Baltimore, MD. NETworks home office is nearby and as a special treat, they took the office staff and the Beauty tour to an Orioles game!  It just so happened that they were playing the Yankees and since most of the cast/crew/musicians are from New York, I was one of the few routing for the Orioles.  The Yankees won 4-0!  I ate some great food dogs, fries, funnel cake, and nachos. Thank you NETworks, for yet another wonderful night!  Back on the Worcester, MA!

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