Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rehearsal Week #2:

Sweet times at Serendipity!  
We're ready for some food!
Dakota, Lyndsey, Annie, Camden, and Me!
Korean BBQ... a first for me!  It was delicious.
London and Dakota                                               Moms- Andrea and Traci
The American Museum of Natural History!
NYC Pizza!!
The show was awesome!
And then came the hurricane!
Dakota, Lyndsey, Kara, and I hanging in the hotel
Weekend Sleepover
Popcorn and good friends!
Day 2 of being 'hurricaned in'
Cards, games, computers, and good company! 
Still weathering the storm! 
Outside of our hotel.... wet and windy but otherwise not too bad! 
                               Still having fun!                       Kara and the post-Irene Breakfast!
Liz's going away party (she is going on tour with Shrek!)
Tyler is still up to no good! 
Chips attacking Tyler!
Sebastian, Me, and Dakota 
Our "Beauty", Liz, is now "Fiona"! 
Sleepover with Sebastian...LEGO LAND!
Heading to Salt Lake City during sunset! 
BYE NYC!! It's been memorable!

Wow, what a crazy week it's been! Rehearsals are going great and I'm having so much fun. We ate at some great restaurants this week.... Serendipity (love the frozen hot chocolate), Korean BBQ, and a couple pizza shops! One day before rehearsals, we got to go to the American Museum of Natural History.  It was a lot of fun. We didn't have much time to spend there, but we did our best to see most of it! 
I got to see my 4th Broadway show on Friday... WICKED! It was amazing.  I have always liked the songs but never saw the show before.  We had great seats and even got a few autographs after the show.
Then, Hurricane Irene came (kind of!).  It was predicted to hit NYC hard, so we prepared for the worst.  Rehearsals were cancelled for the weekend as were all Broadway shows.  We stocked up on food and water and spend the entire weekend in the hotel.  Kara, Lyndsey, Dakota, Camden, London, and I had a great time playing games, watching movies, goofing around on the the computer and being silly. The hurricane was really mild in our area so we luckily didn't have any problems other than flight delays!
On our last night, we headed over to Liz's apartment for a going away party for her. Liz was Belle on the Beauty and the Beast tour and now she's going back on the road with the Shrek tour as Princess Fiona.  There were a lot of old BTB friends there and it was great to see them. Of course Tyler picked up right where he left off...harassing all the Chips (Dakota, Sebastian, and I).  Sebastian slept over at our hotel that night and we had fun building Lego ships.  The next day, Sebastian had a final callback for Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Broadway and he booked it!!  We're all so proud of him!
After a fun 2 weeks in NYC, it's finally time to say good-bye and head to Salt  Lake City, Utah for a month.  I'm sad to leave but I'm so excited to continue rehearsing and meet the MP tour cast and crew.
Stay tuned....