Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kraziness at the Kinsley House!

Playing Jeopardy!
Winners of the Mummy Game!

School Buds!
Justin, Zach, Colby, Bobby
Christian, Me, Dylan, Madison, Colleen
Party Time!
Today I had ANOTHER party! Our neighbors, the Kinsley's, invited some of my oldest friends to their house and we ate pizza, played games, and hung out. They decorated their house with a "movie star" theme and even had pictures of me in my past plays! It was fun to hang out with my buds and the games we played were really cool! Everyone chipped in and gave me a basket filled with awesome stuff that I can take on has snacks, toys, games, and a cool custom made "Chip" shirt! Thanks Kinsley Family for a wonderful afternoon, and special thanks to Madison for all the decorations you made & for that amazing Oreo cake!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Birthday the MELTING POT!

Kasia, Chiara, Ethan, Me, Noah, and Emily
Getting ready for some chocolate! YUMMY!
Me and Maria....being goofballs!

Tonight I went to the Melting Pot restaurant for the very first time. It was sooo fun! You get to cook your own food and choose what you want to eat. We had cheese fondue, meat and vegetables, and then the best part....CHOCOLATE! We dipped fruit, cheesecake, graham crackers, rice crispy treats, and marshmallows in the chocolate. It was delicious! I was happy to spend time with my friends and some of my mom's's going to be a while until I see them again. Thanks everyone for celebrating my birthday with me!!

Happy Times at the Hanna House!

Mrs. Fox made me this AWESOME Chip cake!
She knows how much I love Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes!

Civic friends...
Brian, Kullen, Konnor, Katie, Me, Molly, Luke, and Annie

Chip and Chip!

Watching Beauty and the Beast at the Hanna's!

Mrs. B (Civic Principal) and the Civic Kids!

Today is my birthday! I got to celebrate it with some awesome people. My amazing friends from Civic Theatre of Allentown (and their moms!) had a surprise birthday/going away party for me! Mrs. Fox made me a real CHIP cake!! Doesn't it look great? We had pizza, snacks and cake, played table tennis and Foosball, and watched Beauty and the Beast in the Hanna's own movie theatre! It was so fun and I'm glad I got to see my friends before I leave. You guys rock!! I can't wait to see you all at the Scranton show! Thanks especially to Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Hanna for organizing such a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So long Schnecksville!!

Unwrapping my scrapbook

Checking out the awesome scrapbook



My awesome teacher, Mrs. Lesser!

I still can't believe that I'm going to be Chip! Christmas is 2 days away and today was my last day of 4th grade EVER!! Well, I'll be homeschooled on the tour, but I mean my last day with my class. My teacher, Mrs. Lesser, organized a party for me! It was so fun. We had cake and watched "Beauty and the Beast" the movie! It was a surprise party! My classmates made me a really cool scrapbook that included a picture of each of them and a letter from each of them too. They also made me a banner that I got to keep that a lot of teachers signed as well! I will miss you all, but I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Congratulations and Christmas Celebrations...

Tonight my mom and I went to my Aunt Jess and Uncle DJ's house to celebrate Christmas with them. My Nana Lucy and Pop Pop Barry were there too. We had dinner and exchanged gifts. Makenna and Colin got a Wii now and we played Super Mario Bros. My Nana Lucy brought Champagne to celebrate my "Chip" role and we all clinked our glasses together to toast. I never had Champagne before, it tastes like apple soda. I love my family and I will miss them when I'm gone!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'M CHIP!!!!

It's official! I'm CHIP!! I already knew that I was offered the part because I talked to Trisha from NETworks on the phone, but I didn't know until today that my mom and dad said YES!! I ate dinner at my Nana and Pop-Pop's house and my dad showed up after dinner and told me that he had bad news. I thought he would say I couldn't do the tour. Then took me to the kitchen and my favorite cake was there...ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CAKE from Wegmans. It was decorated with Beauty and the Beast figurines and "Congratulations Chip" was written on it! My dad tried to trick me! I was so happy and excited and gave my mom and dad 400 hugs! I'm the luckiest kid ever!