Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last week in Toronto...

Field trip to the ROM..Royal Ontario Museum!

Lori made a gingerbreak Banks house and stars! 
Toronto closing night party 
Lyndsey, Me, Cam, Neka, Annie, and Dakota 
Goofing around 
Thank you, Toronto, for a fantastic 9 weeks!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Best Birthday Party EVER...

For my birthday, the cast/crew/musicians of Mary Poppins helped celebrate by coming to my party at Medieval Times! It was a lot of fun!! We all cheered for the Green knight (Lisa especially!) and although he didn’t win, he came close.  Before the show started, I was called up by the King and KNIGHTED!  The food was really good, my favorite was the ribs and chicken.  They don’t give you silverware, you have to eat with your hands like they did back in medieval times.  Our section definitely cheered the loudest for our knight.  I’m pretty sure everyone had a really good time.  Thank you to my Poppins tour family for making this a birthday I will NEVER FORGET!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Celebrating my birthday and New Years....

Finally! Snow in Toronto...on my BIRTHDAY! 
Going to see Hugo 3D with my mom on my bday 
Birthday dinner at my favorite steakhouse, Ruth's Chris's Steakhouse 
Intermission Bday cake  
Making a wish.... 
White cake with lemon filling...YUM! 
Great Wolf Lodge on New Years Eve 

The Lobby 
Lyndsey, Me, and Dakota  
Look at all those beach balls ready to drop at midnight 
Trying to make it across 
This place is awesome
Hula Hoop competition...I came in THIRD!  
Lazy River 
Wave Pool 
Me, Camden, Lyndsey, Dakota, London, and Jordan 
Party in the lobby 
Enjoying the night 
Camden, Me, and Lyndsey relaxing in the wave pool 
Best NYE ever! 
A bunch of party animals  
Playing a few games in the arcade 
Strawberry Daiquiris 

This place rocks!