Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Salt Lake City: Week #4

Salt Lake City sights
Just like old times!   
Breakfast and board games 
Check out our new hats...thanks Disney! 
Robyn gives the show a thumbs up!
My mom, Robyn, and Traci 
Robyn and her former Chips turned Michaels! 
Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives recommended
Red Iguana 
Guy was here! 
Yummmm Tacos! 
Lots of great food 
Celebrating at Olive Garden after Dakota and Camden's
first show 
Waffles and Frites 
Awaiting our waffles and fries! 
Buca di Beppo party for...
Goofin' off  
Having fun with friends and food
Talon and I present....
The coolest cake ever! 
How cool is this cake?
Our wall mural! Can you find
my signature?? 
I don't want Marissa to leave!!
Goodnight Salt Lake City...and goodbye!

This was our last week in Salt Lake City.  We had a very special visitor come to see the show...ROBYN!  She was a Silly Girl and one of our best friends from the Beauty and the Beast tour. She came all the way from New York to see Dakota and I because she's very proud of us.  She loved the show and we loved spending a few days with her. It was just like old times!
We got to check out a restaurant called the Red Iguana.  It was on the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives".  The food was really good! I got the tacos. 
Camden and Dakota made their Mary Poppins debut this week as Jane and Michael. They were fantastic!  We celebrated after their show at Olive Garden.
We also finally got to check out a place called Bruge's Waffles and Frites.  It's nearby our hotel and we've been wanting to eat there since we got here.  They have AMAZING food. They only have waffles and fries, but they have tons of toppings and sauces for both of them.  It was sooo good.
This week, we celebrated a HUGE milestone. On Saturday, I got to perform in the 1,000 performance of the show!  Disney threw a big party at Buca Di Beppo and we all had a great time. There was good food, good friends, and an AWESOME cake.
As great as this week was, there was one thing I did not like.... saying goodbye to Marissa.  We really got close over the past month and I hated to see her leave. I know we will keep in touch and see each other again, but I was sad she couldn't stay on tour.  After 7 months on the road, she headed back home. Good luck Marissa! I'm sure another amazing adventure awaits you.
Thank you, Salt Lake City, for a fantastic month!  Next up, SAN ANTONIO!!! Stay tuned....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Salt Lake City....week #3: MY FIRST SHOW!

Celebrating after our 'put in' (final dress rehearsal)
Great times at Buca Di Beppo 
Getting a good night sleep before the BIG DAY!
OPENING DAY!                             Annie and I are ready!
The board in the lobby
Michael Banks Dressing Room!
My dressing room station
Check out all the great cards and gifts from the cast!
Marissa gave me a special pet rock! 
Annie's getting ready!! 
All dressed and ready for the top of Act 1! 
Miss Kim and I                                                 My mom and I
Act 1 went PERFECTLY...now onto ACT 2! 
The talented Banks kids are all so supportive! 
After the show, some cast stayed to do a QandA...
...with 75 girl scouts! 
VOSS water....I've always wanted to try it
and my mom got it for me as a present
(it tastes like water!)
Annie and I on stage 
Check out all those seats
Fans greeting us at the stage door!
Signing autographs 
So glad they liked the show! 
Me, Marissa, and Annie
Rocky Mountain Outfitters, Herber City UT 
The view!
Horse back riding! My horse was named Ace!  
The front of the line
and the back of the line!  
The leaves are starting to change colors. 
Camden, Marissa, Me, Dakota, and Lyndsey 
Got my helmet and I'm ready to go 
Me and Ace 
Ace loves apples! 
Lots of shops
and other cool things!  
Friends =)
Made fresh on the spot with liquid nitrogen

For sure, this week has been the most memorable yet!  During our 3rd week here in Salt Lake City, we had a photo shoot, Annie and I had our last rehearsals, our put-in (final dress rehearsal), and OUR FIST SHOW!  It was fantastic. For the first time in my life, I was actually nervous before performing. It didn't last too long...as soon as the curtain went up, all the butterflies went away and I had a great show.
The night before our show, we all went out to eat at Buca Di Beppo to celebrate.  The staff even made us a card to wish us luck. On opening day, I slept in, had a great breakfast, and was off to the theatre.  When I got there, I was so surprised to see all the gifts, cards, and decorations from all the cast and crew.  Everyone was so supportive and nice. People offered their words of advice and gave me tons of well wishes.  I'm so lucky to have such a great cast. Annie did a fantastic job as Jane and the show went so smoothly.  Afterwards, Annie and I with a few other cast members, answered some questions from a group of girl scouts that saw the show. They were very surprised to learn it was our first time doing the show for an audience.  The girls asked some great questions and I learned a lot too!  They all got a Mary Poppins patch for coming to the show and even gave us each one too!
The next day we had another show and it went just as well.  I love this show!
On Monday, our day off, we headed a little south of the Salt Lake City and went horseback riding in Herber
City.  We had SO MUCH FUN.  My horse was named Ace and he was the best behaved one! Camden and Lyndsey had horses that kept wandering off the path and eating everything. Miss Andrea, Camden's mom, was so scared to ride but actually had a great time afterall. We rode along a path in the mountains. It was neat to see some of the trees starting to change colors. I was on the look out for snakes, but didn't see any. We did see some neat birds though. After our horseback riding adventure, we stopped at Park City. We ate at an Italian restaurant and went shopping along Main Street. Some of the other cast members had the same idea and we ran into a few of them there.  After shopping a bit, we went to the movies to see Lion King 3-D and also had ice cream at this really neat shoppe called "Nitro Freeze".  You get to pick your flavors and mix ins and they make the ice cream right there using liquid nitrogen. Using science and food is right up my alley!  It was cool to watch.  After a very busy day off, we headed back to the hotel for some rest before another busy week.  Stay tuned for our last week in Salt Lake City....