Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grand Rapids, Michigan...

The streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan
Robyn and Me taking a stroll through town
DeVos Place Performing Hall
Artwork inside the theatre lobby
Ellen selling at our merchandise stand
The house with some awesome blue lights
A few from the 2nd mezzanine
BEAUTIFUL cake that a wonderful usher made for us!
GM (a week before his wedding!) and Corey taking a
load off in the Chip Chair!
Michael trying to take a nap...I built a fort
around him with all these boxes!
Robyn teaching Tommy and I some Ballet
Me and GM racing Razor Scooters
Soccer with the boys! Ken is pretty good!
GM tries to steal the ball
Late night Steak and Shake with
Ryan, Me, Jeremy, my mom, Ellen,
Julia, Nate P., Michael, and Brett
Nate is getting ready for some serious heartburn

We spent the weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We performed in Devos Hall, which is a newly renovated, 2,400 seat theatre.  It was very modern and nice with all kinds of awesome lighting.  The backstage area was HUGE!  We had plenty of room to play soccer, ride our scooters, and practice dance. One of the fantastic ushers made us a beautiful Beauty and the Beast cake. It looked great and tasted even better! One night, a bunch of us went to Steak n Shake, which was the first time I was there.  I had chili cheese fries and a shake, YUM! Next, we're headed to Canada...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A quick stop at home then on to Davenport, Iowa...

Nana Lucy, Me, and Pop Pop Barry
I miss Yocco!
Sammie's getting so big!
Me and Ben playing at Playland!
Friendly's with Friends! Caleb, Noah, me, and Grace!
Hubrich girls, me, and Yocco
Rachael, Kasia, Chiara, Kylie, and Tyff
Davenport, Iowa--- Centennial Bridge

Mississippi River
Looking down into the hotel lobby from our room!
Thursday May 20th was our 100th show!!
Amazing cake with amazing memories
Deb watches while Keith, Jenn, and Gabby do the honors!

After New Haven, we had two days off so we were able to go home!  I haven't been home almost 5 months so it was really good to see my friends and family. Although we were home for 48 hours, we tried to see everyone!  I got to visit my old class and my teacher, Mrs. Lesser, let the class and me have extra recess. It was so much fun to play with all of my friends from school.  I also got to see a lot of family and friends too. Of course, I spent a bunch of time with Yocco as well. Unfortunately, it was time to leave before we knew it.  My mom and I flew to Davenport, Iowa and met up with the rest of the cast/crew.  On May 20th, we celebrated our 100th show!  Deb got us all a cake that had tons of pictures from the last 5 months. Looking at those memories made me think about how lucky I am to be a part of this wonderful show.  Next up is Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Haven, CT...

Billboard Advertisement
The Famous Shubert Theatre!
         Dad and Me!                   The house of the theatre
Sold out for all 5 shows!
Long Island Sound
Standing in a LONG line for Frank Pepe's Pizza
I think I'll have........THE PIZZA!
Beautiful murals backstage of past shows...
Tons of history in this theatre!
Tons of talent on this stage!

Leaving my mark by signing our mural!
Japanese Dinner with Dad!
Bananagrams with Tony and Dad!
Me and Robyn
Our Cabaret Flier
Nate S. as the host, Jessica is up!
Brett and Nate P. playing the instruments
Carolyn as Hannah!               Brandon and Julia
Steve and Sarah
                My costume!             Robyn and Me after our act!
Michael, Me, and Ellen

We had SOOOO much fun in New Haven.  My dad came to visit and so did a few of our friends from home.  Becky, Rheannon, Hank, and Aby all loved the show!  We had dinner with them before a show and I got to show them around backstage a little bit.  Hank really liked "Powerman", aka Gaston.
The Shubert Theatre is 96 years old and has 1,600 seats, all were filled during each of the 5 shows! I loved walking around backstage checking out all of the murals from the past shows there.  Many shows were previewed at the Shubert before going on to Broadway, including "Oklahoma!", "Carousel", "South Pacific", "The King and I", "Jekyll & Hyde", and "The Sound of Music". Unfortunately, there was a fire on the block of the theatre the night before our first show.  The power was out and the entire theatre had to run on generators for the whole weekend, but our crew guys handled it so well and each show went smoothly. 
My Dad and I got to eat at one of the most famous pizza places in America, called Frank Pepe's. There was a line out the door and we had to wait almost an hour to get in.  It was worth it!  The pizza was great.
Also, our long awaited cabaret was this weekend!  We raised over $1000 for MusiKids Organization. Robyn and I made up our own rap with some Beauty and the Beast shout outs and tour references.  Merritt was our back up beat boxer. Everyone seemed to love it because they laughed a lot!  The other acts were so funny!  I know we have a lot of talented people in our cast, but they really showed off their stuff at the Cabaret.  My belly hurt by the end of the night from laughing so hard. Check back soon for the video of our cabaret act.
Since we were close to home and had 2 days off from the show, my mom and I got to go back home for a couple days.... pictures and a new blog post soon!