Sunday, November 28, 2010

San Diego, California....

On our way from Arizona to California...  Three peas in a pod! 
Welcome to San Diego!

Some sights around town!
Getting our Thai fix: Nate, Julie, Sheffield, Traci, Dakota, Carolyn, Mom and Me
Me, Dakota, Nate, and Mom hanging out in the hotel lobby!
Learning about public transportation from Miss Shelley, our awesome tutor!
Boys night in!
Dakota, Sheffield, and I watching movies and hanging out!
The Chips with Shelley's student Avalon, and Sheffield's sister, Zanna.
Zanna, Avalon, Me, Sheffield, and Dakota on stage
Thank you San Diego Civic Theatre for the great dinner! 
Enjoying the food!
Signing autographs for some fans at the stage door
Dance Class time! Acro with Tommy and Ballet and Tap with Robyn!
I ALMOST have my split down! 
Tapping with Robyn 
Tommy, Me, Dakota, Zanna, Sheffield, and Julie 
Field trip to the San Diego Zoo!
Soooo cute!  I think this little fox looks like the pokemon, Eevee! 
This porcupine is HUGE!!! 
                           Black Bear                                           Panda Bear
This polar bear is going to have a baby cub soon! 
Elephants love pedicures! 
Meercat Manor!                                                    Sally the Camel!
Sharing Giraffes                                                          Sleep Koala
Sheffield and I figure out the map!                             I found a new friend! 
Follow us....we know where we're going! 
Me, Sheffield, Zanna, and Dakota on a HIPPO!
One FINAL "Chip" haircut!  Thanks Jen =)'s in session!
      Me and Robyn during our music video shoot! Producers, Jeremy and Gregg  
Getting ready to shoot some dance moves  
"...stick together like rice" =)
This couple recognized us from the show and asked us for autographs!

Backstage games with Tony and David
Another AWESOME field trip
Starwars legos.... our favorite!! 
 Albert Einstein                                 We had fun on the Aquazone ride! 
Fun times =)
Happy Halloween from Dakota, Sheffield, Me, and Zanna! 
EVERYTHING is made out of Legos! 
Miniland USA 
                      Lego Volvo                                          Clowning around!  
The Dragon roller coaster was awesome!
I want to work here when I'm older!
Sea Life Aquarium 
Lego Turtle                                 Checking out the large aquarium 
Awesome fish! 
Peek-A-Boo!                                            Octopus! 
They encouraged us to touch all the sea life
Learning all about some amazing sea creatures!
Julie, Dakota, Mom, Me, Sheffield, and Miss Shelley

Halloween at the theatre!  Everyone decorated their dressing rooms! 
Trick or Treat....Beauty and the Beast Style! 
Our Conductor, Carolyn!
Murder Mystery in the Men's Ensemble Dressing Room! 
Liz goes LOONIE at the Maison Des Lunes! 
Merritt and Keith...DEXTER STYLE! 
The Girls Ensemble Dressing Room = Chucky Chip Lab! 
So scary...but SOOO fun! 
The orchestra's idea of scary is a picture of ME!!!!
Our Company Halloween Party!
Ben as Barney, Liz as Betty, Steve as Fred, Jen as Wilma! 
The best costume contenders! 
Jacob, Banana, Fairy, Cleopatra, Miranda, Gaga
Hi guys, it's me Miranda! 
Nate the clown hosts the BTB 2010 Roast! 
Matt as Annie, Chris as Daddy Warbucks 
Sheffield as Luke Skywalker     Dakota as Russel from UP!  
My #1 Erin as Olive Oyl, Keith as Popeye
Looks like I'm not the only MirFANda out there!
Edible Arrangement for my last show! 
Last costume change....I'm HUMAN FOR GOOD!
Farewell party at Buca De Beppo =)
I'll miss you Liz!
Taking down my dressing room decorations one last time!

Well, we definetly went out with a bang!  San Diego was a lot of fun and we sure stayed busy!  Shelley, our tutor, took us on a bunch of field trips because there is so much to see in San Diego. We went to the San Diego Zoo, which is HUGE, Legoland, which was SOOOO cool, and Sealife Aquarium, which was fun and educational.  Sheffield's dad and sister, Zanna, were visiting and came along too! It was fun to have a group of kids. Legoland was my favorite, I loved seeing all the displays of mini towns made all from legos.
  We celebrated Halloween in San Diego by having a company Halloween dress up party. The costumes were so amazing!  We voted on some of the best costumes and had catagories like best overall, most original, best couple, and scariest.  I was in the finals for best costume with my Miranda costume!  At the theatre, we celebrated Halloween by decorating our dressing rooms.  The Chips got to judge the best one as we trick-or-treated to each dressing room. We collected so much candy that it didn't all fit in my backpack!  The dressing rooms were decorated so amazingly that we couldn't pick one winner.  EVERYONE won and got a prize!
Jeremy and Gregg had a great idea to turn Robyn and my caberet rap into a music video. One day in between two shows, we shot some scenes and some pictures and recorded our rap.  Jeremy and Gregg put it all together in a couple days and the end result is so awesome!  It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I'll always have a copy of it.  During intermission of my last show we celebrated by having the cast/crew/musicians see the video while enjoying an edible arrangement. I had a speech prepared to give but I backed out because I got very sad.  After my last show, we all celebrated by going to Buca De Beppo and had one last dinner together.

I will miss you BTB 2010!  "It's not goodbye, it's see you later!"

Stay tuned for ONE LAST blog post....