Sunday, January 31, 2010

PPAC- Providence, Rhode Island

PPAC-Providence Performing Arts Center
BEAUTIFUL theatre!
Can you spot me?
Lots of "bling"!!
My BFF Tony!

Jeremiah and me being interviewed for the CW channel

The cast with our amazing choreographer, Matt West!

My mic on the mic board

Look who's signature I found!  My FBF, Ivy, who's in the "Annie" tour playing Pepper!

Stopped in the hotel lobby after swimming for my FIRST AUTOGRAPH!

Providence is awesome!  It is VERY cold but we're having a blast. It's TECH WEEK which means we go through the show very slowly and perfect every little detail!  I've had a lot of down time at the theatre but I've been keeping busy playing DSi and computer games with the cast. I had my first interview this week with the CW channel and it went great.  I also gave my first autograph, which was really cool! Less than 10 days until opening night. I'm so excited!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bus on a Boat!!!

The Ferry! All these cars and our boat got on board!
I'm on the bus ON the boat!

Checkin' out the view's cold!
Time for school...math test!
Playing Go Fish with Chandon!
Docking in Connecticut

Today we left Long Island for Rhode Island!  Our ENTIRE bus was put on a ferry and we rode across the bay to Connecticut and drove the rest of the way on the bus.  It was fun because I now get to say, "I rode a bus on a boat!". When the bus was on the ferry, we all got off and had lunch inside where it was warm!  I had to do some school work but then I played some cards with some of my cast mates. When we got to our hotel we had a meeting with NETworks and had a fijitas and tacos (my favorite!).  Tomorrow we'll get to see the theatre that we will have tech rehersals at for the next week.  Next Monday is our first preview show and Wednesday is OPENING NIGHT!! I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last night on Long Island....doing it up!

I wish I was BIG!!!
Me, Steve, Liz, and Cliff playing skeeball
I love this game, it gives lots of tickets!
This game was awesome!
Me, Liz, and Steve playing "Deal or No Deal"
Trey, Me, Gabby, and Hols
Belle Lamp prize!

Tonight was our last night on Long Island.  We had the day off and we celebrated all our hard work this month by going to Dave and Busters! I've never been there and it was AWESOME!  We ate dinner then played lots of games.  My favorite game was "Deal or No Deal".  I didn't get too many tickets on that one, but Liz sure did!  At the end of the night, everyone gave me ALL their tickets!  Thanks guys, you're the best!  I used some tickets on a crazy Belle lamp that everyone liked. We're going to take it with us to each theatre! It makes me think of the Christmas Story leg lamp...."it's a major award"!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last days on Long Island....

Home away from home for January 2010
TONY!!! Our tour mascot!

Gateway Playhouse, Bellport New York
Jeremiah and me...before the red hair!
Annie, Me, and Brian

Our time in Long Island is coming to an end.  It's been fun!  Annie, Brian, and Mrs. Fox came to visit and wish me luck!  I'll miss you guys!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Check out my new haircut, I have ears again! Thanks Jen!

Seasons Salon in Bellport, NY

I'm ready!!

First up, stripping. It makes my ears itch!


Ahh...I'm blond! That's Jen, she works as the tour's hair designer!  She came along to make sure the color is the perfect shade of red!
My hair's all stripped and ready for RED! My mom says I look like "Malfoy" from the Harry Potter movies!

Red dye in place!

Finished I look like CHIP???

I've been very busy these past few weeks!  Between school work and rehearsal, I haven't had too much time to blog.  The other day, Jen cut my hair....look I have ears!  Today, we went to a nice salon in town and Jeremiah and I both got our hair dyed red!  It was pretty neat. There were a lot of nice ladies in the salon asking all kinds of questions about the tour. I felt like a celebrity!  I thought it would hurt to have my hair dyed, but it only itched my ears a little bit.  Now I have to use special shampoo and have my roots dyed every few weeks to keep it red!  Off to rehearsal..... I'll write more soon!  We ship out next week and head to Providence, Rhode Island!  I can't wait!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red Hair and a website launch!

DSi time
Chillaxin' in a massage chair


Look, there I am!

We found Belle!

Today I found out that I will be getting my hair dyed RED next week (and every 4-6 weeks after that!). I wonder what I will look like with red hair! Also, today the official website was launched and you can check out all the Playbill bios and tons of other cool information about the tour. (
Jeremiah and I had off today! We went to the local mall and got Benderoo's at Toys R Us! It was nice to have a day off. Tomorrow we'll drive back home for the last weekend of Oliver! at The Walnut Street Theatre. I will miss all the friends that I have made during that show and it's sad that it's almost over, but at least I have Beauty and the Beast to keep me from getting sad about it ending!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Music rehearsals
Doing some school work
Jeremiah and me playing in the pool

The view from our hotel room

BREAKFAST! French toast and fruit!

Jeremiah and Me during a rehearsal break

Gateway Playhouse

Wow! What a busy past few days! We're all settled in our hotel and we've met all the cast and crew. Everyone is super nice and very excited for the show! When we introduced ourselves during our breakfast meeting, I told everyone that I would be playing the part of Gaston. They all laughed!
I was so happy to see Jeremiah again! We've had coustume fittings, meetings, music rehearsal, prop fittings, and school time! We were also lucky enough to get some time to swim and play together in our rooms. It's cool because our rooms connect so we spend ALL our time together.