Friday, February 26, 2010

It's been great, Kalamazoo....

Jeremiah and me hanging out in the Green Room @ Miller Auditorium
Me and Julia during intermission
The Gang's all here!
Hanging out after a show
Grabbing some grub at 'Brewsters'
Awesome plane at the AirZoo
Checking out the cockpit in a jet
Awesome fighter plane
The Challanger Shuttle
Zero G ride with Robyn

Kalamazoo was a blast!  The audiences there were terrific and really seemed to enjoy the show.  The theatre had one of the largest green rooms I've seen!  It was like a big living room where we all hung out.  One day, a few of the cast & musicians went to "AirZoo", a big indoor aeronautic museum. It had a bunch of old airplanes, jets, flight simulators, replicas of space shuttles, etc.  We took a tour, where we learned all about each of the airplanes and some interesting facts about them.  There were some pretty neat rides as well.  My favorite ride was a flight simulator that went completely upside-down! Next up....Flint, Michigan!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goodbye Peoria, Hello Kalamazoo!

Peoria Civic Center
Fun times at the hotel pool
Signing autographs after a matinee

Hanging out in my dressing room at intermission

Valentines from my classmates!
Best pizza EVER!!

Our week in Peoria flew so fast! We're now in Kalamazoo, MI. The locals call it "Kazoo"!  On our first night here, we ate the BEST pizza ever from a place called 'Erbelli's'...pan crust=yummy! I also got a special package from my teacher back in PA. It was filled with Valentine's cards from her and my classmates. That was so thoughtful of them! I miss you guys. We're performing in "Kazoo" for the next 3 nights before traveling to Flint, MI. I'm so excited because my dad is coming to Flint and I haven't seen him in a month!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Playing in Peoria!

Overlooking the Illinois River

Beautiful view!
Dance, Dance, Revolution!
"never ending" rock climbing wall
Virtual Dodgeball
Cliff gets in on the Dodgeball action
And so does Keith!
Having fun
The Lazy River

Crazy slide!

I'm having a blast during my time off in Peoria! Thanks Deb, NETworks, and Riverplex for a fantastic fun filled day.  RiverPlex is home to an awesome exercising game zone that has a bunch of awesome games and activites that get your heart pumping! My favorites were virtual dodgeball on lightspace play, the sky wall (neverending rock climbing), Wii fit, Dance Dance Revolution, and Makoto. After breaking a sweat, we headed over to AquaPlex to check out their indoor water complex, complete with a 2 story waterslide, a lazy river, a water playground, hot tub, and pool. My favorite was the waterslide. My mom even liked it too!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peace out Providence, Hello Peoria!!

One last PPAC picture before our last show there...doesn't do the theatre justice though!

Tommy and me at the, I never let go of my DSi in case you were wondering!

I have to do WHAT in case of an emergency?!?!

Chicago, IL...from a birds view!

Byron and the Beauty and the Beast Crew Bus

Robyn and me on the crew bus

This is the life! I could spend my nights in here!

After a terrific week and a half in Providence, RI, it was time to say goodbye!  Somehow, it's becoming tradition for our tour to travel during bad weather! In the snow, we flew to Chicago, IL and then drove to our final stop, Peoria, IL. It was a long day, but I love flying on airplanes!  When we got to our hotel, our crew guys were already there. They left the day before and drove to Peoria in their AWESOME crew bus. Byron gave us a tour of the bus. It has beds for all the guys and they each have their own TV!! It also has a living room space with comfy seats and a big TV.  Not to shabby for a bus! We have one more day off before a five show weekend at Peoria's Civic Center.
Here's one of the many great reviews from Providence..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Opening Night Success!

Backstage @ half hour. Getting into the zone by playing DSi!
Cast and Crew before the house opened!
The show rocked!  Now on to the party!!
Lookin' good, let's do this!
My red carpet moment!!
Check out the CAKE!!!
Sabina and Me!  She's plays a fantastic "Mrs. Potts"!
Hols is about to grab me! Ahhh!

"Beauty and the Reese"
Me, Robyn, and Tony
Some cast and creatives around the awesome cake!
NETworks presents: Gregory, Deb, Hols, and David!

Opening night was a huge success! Despite the snow, the house was packed and ready for the show! I prepared by doing vocal warm up and singing some songs while playing my DSi. Our stage manager, David, and assistant stage manager, Tyler, came to my dressing room and joined me for a round of Mario Kart before the show. Tyler won and I got 2nd place....sorry David!
The audience was terrific! They applauded and laughed so loud. They REALLY loved "Be Our Guest" because that number is FANTASTIC...I think they clapped for 2 whole minutes! At the end of the show, we got a standing ovation from the crowd. The mayor of Providence came onto the stage and presented our director, Rob Roth, with the key to the city in appreciation for having the show open in Providence. I got to shake his hand too! After the show, we took a limo bus back to the hotel for a quick change before heading to the opening night party. The party was so fun! There was tons of great food and an awesome cake! The music was really loud and I danced most of the night. Liz and I had a dance off, she does a pretty mean "robot" but I think I won it with my "worm". Thank you NETworks for the awesome party and for this whole fantastic experience! I will never forget this night!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Opening week in Providence!

Outside of PPAC
Me and Justin (the BEAST!!)
Thanks for the robe NETworks!!
We signed 100 posters to sell for Haiti relief funds
My hand hurts...but it's a great cause!!
THE CAST! on display in the lobby
Tonight, the role of Chip will be played by...ME!!

Studying some History!
Super Bowl party! Yummy nachos and Liz's bunny ears!
Merritt and Me!  Go Saints!

Wow! It's finally here, opening week!  Wednesday night is our OFFICIAL opening night. Tonight, we have an invited dress rehearsal.  It's basically a full run through of the show but only special invited people get to see it. The Disney Theatrical Group, the hotel and theatre staff, and other great people that have made our stay in Providence so awesome will be here. I'm a little nervous, but mostly EXCITED! Last night, we had a big Superbowl party and it was so much fun! Since the Eagles weren't playing, I was routing for New Orleans....GO SAINTS! I also got to meet the president of the Disney Theatrical Group, Thomas Schumacher. He was really nice and told me a funny story about a mishap with Chip during a show on Broadway a few years ago. Let's just say I hope something like that never happens to me!