Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chicago: Week 2 in Chi-Town!

The AWESOME Field Museum 
That's a lot of stairs! 
Chocolate Exhibit....YES! 
Checking out Chocolate's past 
18th Century serving ware for chocolate
"Just a spoonful of sugar..."
Sugar wasn't added to chocolate until the 1500's
Cocoa beans were used as currency  
That's a BIG box of chocolate! 
I wish we could eat this all
          Chef Z loves chocolate                       Truffle chairs                 
YUM, finally we get to eat some! 
Sue, the world's most complete T-Rex fossil! 
Sue's monstrous head 
Birds eye view of the Filed Museum 
Dakota and I go on an underground adventure 
We were shrunk to 1/100th our size...
...and got to explore life as a bug! 
Some creepy crawly facts 
A mama earwig defending her babies 
Fighting elephants 
3D movie- The Story of Sue 
Whales exhibit 
New Zealand's whale history...makes me miss my Aunt Eileen! 
Bowling Night! 
Patiently waiting...
Dakota and his mom, Traci 
Choosing which ball to use is a hard decision! 
Performing on Windy City Live on ABC7 
All these people work hard to make the show great 
Almost ready to start 
It's super early, I hope I remember what to do! 
Starting a trial run... 
The final product!  Press Play to see the performance
Boys dressing room decorated for Halloween
Playing games before the show 
Camden and I perform together for the first time! 
Jane and Michael Banks 
The second act is about to begin...
Me, Camden, and merchandise manager Dominique
Collecting for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids
Willis Tower field trip 
The view from the Sky Deck 
Hello down there!  

Me and Camden checking out the buildings below 
Coast of Lake Michigan
We can see Indiana from here! 
Chicago sure is BIG! 
That's a long way down
Do you see the Hancock Tower? 
Dakota, Miss Kim, me, and Camden on the Ledge! 
The ground below the Ledge  
Dakota, Karli, Camden, Me, Lyndsey, and London 
Hanging on the Ledge  
Cam and I 
I hope we don't fall!!
Ed Debevic's 
Shakes, burgers, and RUDE service...lots of fun! 
Entertainment! Our waiter, Popcorn, is on the left.  
Walking around Chicago 
Fun day  
More pizza! 
Karli, Lyndsey, Me, and Dakota eating at Giordano's again

We started our second week in Chicago with a Golden Day (day off). Traci, my mom, Lyndsey, Dakota, and I went to the Field Museum.  I've been there before and I loved it just as much as the first time!  The special limited time exhibits there now are about the history of chocolate and whales. The chocolate exhibit was really cool and we learned a lot about how chocolate evolved through the years.  Originally, only very wealthy people and royalty could afford chocolate. At first, it was bitter because they didn't put milk or sugar in it until thousands of years later. Rich people had cups and mugs that they had made especially for drinking chocolate out of.  I like to eat milk chocolate the best.  At the end of the exhibit, I bought a chocolate bar with pieces of bacon in it!  It was salty and sweet and DELICIOUS!  The whale exhibit was really neat too.  I learned that dolphins are actually whales. Lyndsey, Dakota, and I all fit inside a replica heart of a blue whale.  Of course, we also got to check out Sue, the famous T-Rex fossil. It's the most complete T-Rex fossil in the world.  It was interesting to learn that scientists know so much about this T-Rex just by her bones. Like, they think she was around 28 years old when she died, that she had arthritis, and she had a major injury to her jaw and ribs. They are not sure though, if Sue was a boy or girl!  Sue was named after the paleontologist who found her. Another cool exhibit was called Underground Adventure. It was all about bugs. 
Later that night, we went bowling. I love to bowl.  Our new friend, Isabella came with us.  Her parents are visiting their friend, Nic (who plays Bert) and went to a party so Isabella got to go bowling with us! The first game I didn't do too well, but the second game I did better. Isabella, who is only 7, did so good!
The next day was a LONG day for me.  I woke up at 5:30am and got to perform "Supercal" on TV!  A few of us from the cast were on "Windy City Live" on ABC7.  It was really cool to see what all happens behind the scenes of a TV show.  We went early to rehearse on the set and to meet the crew.  Everything went smoothly and it was a lot of fun.  I was a little nervous because the choreography was a bit different than what we normally do in the show.  Later that night, I got to perform the show with Camden, as Jane, for the first time.  Every few weeks, we rotate our pairings, so Dakota will perform with Annie for a while and we will switch again in Toronto.  This week, our cast started collecting money for a charity called Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.  At the end of each show, we sell bracelets, holiday ornaments, cookbooks, aprons, signed playbills and posters, and tote bags. People have been very generous and we've raised a lot of money so far.
Later in the week, Dakota and Lyndsey's friend, Karli, and her mom, Tina, came to visit.  It was great to get to know them.  They even came with us on a field trip to the Willis Tower.  The Willis Tower used to be called the Sears Tower and a lot of people in Chicago still call it that!  The Sky Deck observatory is on the 103rd floor and the tower is the 8th tallest building in the world and THE tallest building in North America at  1,730 feet tall. From the Skydeck, you can see 40-50 miles away and on a clear day can see 4 states:  Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan.  After our visit, we ate lunch at Ed Debevics restaurant. It's a fun diner like restaurant where all the waiters and waitresses are funny and rude.  Our waiter was named Popcorn.  I got a chili dog and a chocolate malt shake. Miss Kim always takes us on the best field trips!
Two more weeks to enjoy Chicago! Stay tuned....