Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary...

Playing PlayStation 3 with Camden's brother, London 
Capture the flag with Camden, London, and Annie 
London and I hiding our flag 
Camden's dogs, Nataste ...
...and Poet 
Furry friends
Mary Poppins Company Thanksgiving Party
Our tongues are what color???
Rehearsing for Christmas caroling at the Royal York
Hotel tree lighting ceremony 
Look at all the people who came!
Silent Night ...
 ...Holy Night
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 
Look, it's SNOWING! 
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells....
...Jingle all the way
Nate lights the tree!
Before and After..and bubbles are falling from the sky!  
Delicious lunch after the ceremony  
Relaxing after a great lunch 
Asst. Company Manager, Emily, and Santa!
(PS She's on his nice list and is getting her Christmas wish!) 
Santa and I....HO HO HO! 
Merry Christmas
Nate and his family join us for lunch
From Christmas carols to Turkey bastin'! 
Thanksgiving Feast-American style 
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Time for a quick nap before...
...cherry, pumpkin, and chocolate pie 
I chose chocolate 
Camden has pumpkin, Lyndsey has ice cream
Tryptophan in full effect...too sleepy to play games

This week was full of holiday spirit! We spent our day off at Camden's house.  Her REAL home is actually here in Toronto and she's been excited to show us her house!  We had a great time watching movies, playing video games, running around in the woods outside, and just spending the day together.  Her two dogs, Nataste and Poet are so cute, they make me miss Yocco. 
A couple days later, on Thanksgiving, Disney treated everyone to a catered dinner.  They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Canada on the same day that we do in America.  Plus, the food is a little different than I'm used to on Thanksgiving. We had fish, lamb,chicken, vegetables, salad, ravioli, and potatoes. It was all very good.
The next day, we were special guest at the Royal York Hotel's annual tree lighting ceremony.  We sang a bunch of Christmas carols and helped raise money for the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada.  Nate, a little boy fighting neuroblastoma, and his family, shared his story about his battle with cancer.  Nate was able to have a wish granted earlier this year.  He loves trains and got to visit his favorite train of all time.  He did a great job at pulling the lever and lighting the tree.  Afterwards, the hotel held a lunch for us and there was even a special guest in a red suit with a white beard! 
On Sunday, Camden, Dakota, me and our families all decided to pitch in and cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Me and my mom made the turkey, pies, vegetables, and sweet potatoes.  There was so much food and everyone ate until our stomachs almost exploded.  We also played some card games and Bananagrams.  Although I miss my family back in Pennsylvania, having terrific friends to spend the holidays with is awesome!
More to come soon...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"When Mary holds your hand, you feel so grand"

Look who came to fill in for a day! MARISSA!
Me, Marissa, Camden, Lyndsey, and Dakota
exploring the streets of Toronto
We went to the movies to see "Jack and Jill"
"The Muppets" is on our must-see list too!
Waiting to be seated at Jack Astors
Phase 10 time!
Camden, Me, Marissa, and Dakota in front of the lovely
Princess of Wales Theatre
Have you seen the show???
"Sincerely, Jane and Michael Banks"
Me, London, Marissa, Lyndsey, Camden and Dakota enjoy some lounge time
School...yuk.  At least Miss Kim makes it fun!
Blueberry pancakes, bacon, kiwi, and raspberries
Field trip--- Sighteeing bus tour
Dakota, Me, and Miss Traci
The "Times Square" of Toronto
Me, Lyndsey, Dakota, and Annie wait for the bus

Some buildings and sights we saw.....

Making a blanket hammock on the bus

The Saint Lawrence Market

Saturday=Busy Market day!
Delicious food is everywhere
Check out Camden on TV!!
She plays Gracie on The Family Channel's "DEBRA!"
Princess of Wales Beautiful Theatre and a packed house!
Annie and I collecting donations for
Broadway Cares/The Actors Fund of Canada
Camden and I check out Mike's Hotdogs after a show
Interesting Canadian food
KETCHUP? chips                          POUTINE
Camden and I at "The Addams Family" musical
Camden, Annie, and I
On stage with some props after the show
Jason (Pugsley U/S) was nice enough to show us around
Douglas Sills (Gomez) and Jason (Pugsley U/S)
were fantastic in the show!

This week started off with a huge treat--- Marissa (and her mom) came to visit!  She filled in for a day and also got to spend some time with us.  While she was here, we explored Toronto a bit and went to see the movie "Jack and Jill". It was a very funny movie.  We had dinner at Jack Astors and then played Phase 10  late into the night (big surprise, right?). She could only stay a couple days so she wouldn't miss too much school, but we still had a great time.  I was sad to see her leave but I know we'll see each other soon.
Miss Kim took us on a field trip one day. We went on a sightseeing bus ride.  It was VERY cold but we wore lots of clothes and had a blanket.  We got some ideas for future field trips after seeing the sights.
Our shows are continuing to go great.  The audiences really seem to enjoy it and there have been great crowds everyday.  We are continuing to collect donations for Broadway Cares/The Actors Fund of Canada and people have been VERY generous.  It's great to know so many people are so supportive.
At the end of the week, our company was able to go see "The Addams Family" tour.  We really liked it.  It was a lot of fun and they even made a  "Mary Poppins" reference which of course, our whole section laughed at and cheered for!  After the show, we took a backstage tour and met several of the actors. 
 I can't wait to see what week #3 in Toronto has to offer! Stay tuned....