Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Waterbury, Connecticut

The Palace Theatre..seats 2,500+ people!
Lots of gold!                     Me and Emma
Glen, Tony the Dog, Me, and Jeremiah
My new buddy Cole and me.....in the hot tub
...swimming                     ....attacking Tyler
......and racing cars down the ramp
Matt, Tony, and me               Princess Annie
Playing Pool with the Schmeltzle family
Dinner with the Schmeltzle Clan
Ethan, Gabe, Me, Austin, Annie, Caleb, and Cody
GM's beautifully handmade mural
My signature on the mural...I'm getting great at it!
Look closely, it's a Yocco puddle!

We had a terrific time in Waterbury, CT. Did you know that Waterbury is nicknamed the "Brass City" because it was the leading brass manufacturer of the early 20th century?  Since it is so close to NYC, a few people from the creative team came to see how everything is going so far... Matt, Glen, Rob, Koz, Sam, Connor, and Tony the Dog were among them and it was great to see them again. Koz brought his son, Cole, along too and we spent most of the weekend together! I had a blast with my new friend! Also, a bunch of people from the Disney Theatrical Group came to see the show as well. We got 2 thumbs up because they loved the show! Erin (Babette) had some special visitors too!  Her friends came to see her and brought along her two dogs, Jack and Emma. I loved playing with them and snuggling with Emma.  They made me miss my dog so much that I began seeing things!  After taking a shower, I thought I saw a puddle on the floor in the shape of my dog! 
We had some visitors of our own as well! The Schmeltzle/Conklin family came from PA just to see the show. They even brought my mom a yummy birthday cake.  It was great to spend time with them. Unfortunately, it was rainy and windy all weekend but we had fun at the hotel pool and eating dinner at different restaurants. All ten of them LOVED the show! I wish we had more time to spend with them, but with 5 shows in 3 days, it was a busy weekend! 

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