Friday, March 12, 2010

Owensboro, Kentucy and the 20 hour bus ride!

Welcome to Owensboro
Inside the Riverpark Center Theatre
Riverpark Center from across the Ohio River
      Buffalo Wild Wings        Trying to win an iPod Touch
  My mom and me!         Me, Inky, and Jeremiah!
Fox news crew from AM Evansville and theatre manager, Travis
                 Interview!                 Rhonda and the Woody book
Sleeping on the bus!
                 Lego store          Lady Liberty has a snuggie like me!
Chocolate World in Hershey, PA

We had a terrific time in Owensboro!  Did you know it is the birthplace of Johnny Depp? One morning, Jeremiah and me got up really early and were interviewed at the theatre by Jason Claspell of Fox's AM Evansville.  It was a lot of fun. You can check out the video here...

One night, a bunch of the cast, crew and musicians went to Buffalo Wild Wings, near our hotel. I've never been there before. They have great wings and we had tons of fun playing Photo Hunt and Stacker. I also met a very nice lady named Rhonda, who owns a small store that sells all kinds of Kentucy souviners and products in the local mall. I noticed a book about dachshunds and had to check it out since I miss my dachshund, Yocco! The book is part of a series about dogs named Woody and Chloe and their adventures as they travel all over Kentucy. Rhonda was so nice, she gave me a signed (and Woody pawprinted) copy of the book to keep. One of the best parts of touring is meeting such wonderful new people and experiencing all these amazing cities! Thanks Rhonda!
When we left Owensboro, we headed out on a 2 day bus ride to our next destination, Waterbury, CT.  I love to sleep on the bus!  It's so comfortable on the floor with my sleeping bag and pillow. As soon as the bus starts moving, I get sleepy!  We stopped in Cincinnati, OH at a mall for a lunch break on the first day. My favorite part was the LEGO store! Then we stopped for the night in Washington, PA and stayed in a hotel.  Ellen bought me a Snuggie for the bus because she knows how much I like to sleep. Thanks, Ellen!  The next day we stopped for lunch in Hershey, PA and got to go to Chocolate World.  I love it there! We all went on the tour ride and ate way too much chocolate! Finally, after more than 20 hours over 2 days on the bus, we arrived in Waterbury, CT!

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