Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stylin' in Sioux City, IA...

Sioux City Sign
 Marquee at night
Beautiful Orpheum Theatre
The house of the lovely Orpheum Theatre
Big BTB Ad on the streets of Sioux City
Terry, me and some awesome statues
more copper statues
Julia goes on as Mrs. Potts!!
Heather and me playing Wii Tennis
Jeremiah and me playing Wii baseball
Robyn and me playing checkers
Pool time fun with Julia, Jen, Eric, and Matt

The weekend we spent in Sioux City was wonderful!  It took a 2 day bus ride to get there from Canada.  We arrived just in time to unload our luggage and hurry to the theatre for our first show.  Unfortunetly, Sabina (who plays Mrs. Potts) wasn't feeling too well, so her understudy, Julia, got to try out her version of Mrs. Potts!  She was nervous, but she did SO WELL! I kept her laughing backstage by telling her some jokes.  I was happy she got to go on, but also happy that Sabina was feeling better the next day!
Sioux City has a bunch of neat, colorful statues of animals and other objects all around town. I had fun looking around to try and find them!  The green room of the theatre had a big TV and we were able to hook up our Wii and play some games before the show and during intermission.  Heather is a Wii Tennis expert, Jeremiah is awesome at Wii Baseball, Ellen is great at Bowling, and my mom and I love to play New Super Mario Bros.!  After spelling it wrong a bunch of times, I found an easy way to remember how to spell "Sioux"...the vowels are in alphabetical order!  Thanks, Iowa, for a great time!  Next up.... 2 weeks in CHICAGO!! 

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  1. Hola Reese,
    Hey u missed the talent show it was fun but really long!Tonight is the vollyball game. GO TEACHERS!!!! Our chairty this year for it was MS (Meato Stries) I think I spelled it wrong. Kaitlyn