Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University Auditorium...all lit up for our show!

Inside the amazing theatre
Getting my hair dyed again     Searching for the perfect pizza
Hogwarts...aka The Biddle Hotel
Beautiful grounds of Indiana University.....Go Hoosiers!
IU Campus
Our family friend, Eva, came to visit all the way from PA!
Playing "In a Pickle"....I WON!
Amazing, new IU stadium
Beauty and the Beast billboard!
Ride 'em cowboy
Wonderlab was so much fun!
Making a video using still pictures of creatures
Water Tornado                 BEES!!!
The Fog Table was awesome!
   Snakes!                             Silly mirror
Al, the bearded dragon

Bloominton was amazing! Our hotel was on the Indiana University Campus and it reminded me of "Hogwarts School" from Harry Potter. The buildings are old and it was cold and dreary so it looked just like Hogwarts and I loved it!  The theatre here is huge, holding 3,200 people.  On the nights of our shows, they lit up the outside of the theatre so it had the logos and "Beauty and the Beast" written on it. Our friend from back home, Eva, came to see the show and visit with us since she was nearby traveling with work. It was great to see her! She gave the show two thumbs way up! We had a fantastic day with her. First, we went to the Wonderlab, which is a really neat science museum for kids.  There were so many cool things to do and see there. My favorite thing there was the exhibit that let you build creatures, then take still pictures, add sounds, and play it all back to make a movie.  We made some pretty interesting movies! We also got to check out the awesome new football stadium. I even got to run on the field!  Then, we went to the local mall and Target where we loaded up on some neccessities. To top it off, we ate at Texas Roadhouse, one of my favorite restaurants!  Thanks Eva for a wonderful day! Next up....Paducah, KY.


  1. Hey Reese,
    It's me Will, and my Mom. We want to get tickets to come see you in Scranton. We need to know which performances you are doing. We wnat to go on Friday Saturday or Sunday...which ones are you doing?? Let us know because we want to buy the tickets now sowe can get good seats! Looks like you are having fun! The arcade looks cool!
    Will McQuoid

  2. Hi Will! My Scranton show dates are: Tues 6/1, Thurs 6/3 and Sat 6/5 (both matinee and evening shows). That would be awesome if you could come. You would love the show, it's so amazing! Thanks for writing to me. I hope to see you soon!!

  3. Thank you Reese! My Mom is going to order the tickets this week for Saturday June 5th. I'll let ya know which show when she gets them. Maybe we can play sone DS together!