Friday, March 19, 2010

Kitchner, Ontario....CANADA!!

The sign says it all!
Beautiful Niagara Falls
Sabina trying to save me...or push me in?!?
Beauty and the Beast does Niagara Falls
Perfectly clear day to take in the sights
Tommy and first sushi experience

Bedhead! Preparing for PSSA testing
Centre in the Square                  Baxter and me
Drawer Graffiti                   Raisin Soda?!?
Casting Call for our Chicago Cabaret!

Waterloo Children's Museum
Learning about gravity
Our solar system                     laying on nails!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
        My pin mold                learning about electricity
Zzzzzz....sleeping on the floor of the green room!

This week our tour went international! We made our first Canadian stop. I've never been to Canada before so it was really interesting! Our awesome tour manager, Deb, surprised us with a stop at Niagara Falls on the way to Kitchener. Seeing the waterfalls was so amazing. I'm glad I got to experience it with my BTB family! We were also spoiled with a second tour bus to get us to and from Canada. Everyone now got their own row of seats and the new bus is fully loaded! It has a microwave, refrigerator, flat screen TV's, WI-FI, tray tables, windows along the entire roof, and tons of space! I LOVE it on the bus. Usually I sleep in the morning until we stop for lunch. Then we usually watch a movie, play games, or do school work. We stop every few hours for bathroom and snack breaks. I like to play football with the guys during our quick stops. When we stop for lunch, we usually stop at a mall so that there are plenty of food choices and we don't overwhelm one restaurant with 50 people! Plus it gives us a chance to shop.
Did you know that Kitchener is the home of the first ever "blue box" recycling program? Now those blue recycling boxes are everywhere! During our first night in Kitchener, we went with a bunch of the cast and musicians to a sushi restaurant. I never tried sushi before but I was up for the challenge! I can't say it's my favorite but I did enjoy the fried rice, edemame, salad, soup, and teriyaki chicken. Another night, we went to a Thai restaurant, which was another first for me. I really liked the Chicken Pad Thai and sticky rice!
For this week and next week, I have to sign on to my online school's PSSA test preparation classes. It's like a learning chat room for the students and teachers. Although it requires me to get up much earlier than I've gotten used to, it's been really fun to interact with my teacher and other students. Plus, we get to watch some pretty fun video clips!
The theatre in Kitchener, Center in the Square, has a mascot that I made friends with very quickly. Baxter, who is a mixed breed rescue dog, stays in the office unless his dad tells him he's allowed out. He's such a good listener! He loves to have his belly rubbed and he DID NOT like the BEAST! The theatre made sure to have lots of fresh fruit and drinks for us at every show. Did you know that in Canada they have raisin soda? Canada also has different currency than the US, so I was sure to collect some Canadian coins for a souvenir.
Robyn and I have teamed up and will be performing at a cabaret when we go to Chicago. We've started planning our act, but we're need of a couple back up beat boxers. We made an audition sign and hung it on the call board. We held auditions and found the best 2 people! I can't tell you too much more, because it's a surprise. Stay tuned....
On the last day in Canada, we went to the Waterloo Children's Museum which was hosting a human body exhibit. It was really neat. The human body exhibit had REAL cadavers, which kind of grossed me out but it was also very interesting. We couldn't take pictures in that part of the museum, but we were sure to get a bunch of pictures with all the other cool things there. After such a long week, I am exhausted and looking forward to our two day bus ride to....Sioux City, IA!

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  1. Wow, Reese! It looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time! Aren't the falls incredible? I am glad to see that you are practicing for the PSSAs, we are too. You are such a smart cookie, I am sure you will do a fine job. The Schnecksville Talent show was last night and some of your classmates performed. Sharun and Alexia played piano, Kaitlyn did Baton, Miranda danced, but the best was Bobby, Patrick and Colby did the Blues Brothers! They got a standing ovation. Every day when I ask who is absent the class continues to say "Reese", so we think of you often. I can't wait to see you in June, I already got my tickets. We wish you continued success and have a blast! Love, Mrs. L