Friday, February 26, 2010

It's been great, Kalamazoo....

Jeremiah and me hanging out in the Green Room @ Miller Auditorium
Me and Julia during intermission
The Gang's all here!
Hanging out after a show
Grabbing some grub at 'Brewsters'
Awesome plane at the AirZoo
Checking out the cockpit in a jet
Awesome fighter plane
The Challanger Shuttle
Zero G ride with Robyn

Kalamazoo was a blast!  The audiences there were terrific and really seemed to enjoy the show.  The theatre had one of the largest green rooms I've seen!  It was like a big living room where we all hung out.  One day, a few of the cast & musicians went to "AirZoo", a big indoor aeronautic museum. It had a bunch of old airplanes, jets, flight simulators, replicas of space shuttles, etc.  We took a tour, where we learned all about each of the airplanes and some interesting facts about them.  There were some pretty neat rides as well.  My favorite ride was a flight simulator that went completely upside-down! Next up....Flint, Michigan!!

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