Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goodbye Peoria, Hello Kalamazoo!

Peoria Civic Center
Fun times at the hotel pool
Signing autographs after a matinee

Hanging out in my dressing room at intermission

Valentines from my classmates!
Best pizza EVER!!

Our week in Peoria flew so fast! We're now in Kalamazoo, MI. The locals call it "Kazoo"!  On our first night here, we ate the BEST pizza ever from a place called 'Erbelli's'...pan crust=yummy! I also got a special package from my teacher back in PA. It was filled with Valentine's cards from her and my classmates. That was so thoughtful of them! I miss you guys. We're performing in "Kazoo" for the next 3 nights before traveling to Flint, MI. I'm so excited because my dad is coming to Flint and I haven't seen him in a month!

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  1. Hi, Reese! I am so glad you received our Valentines. Your classmates had fun making them for you and were so excited to receive yours. They especially liked the lollipops! We had another snow day today - I am not really happy about that because now we miss a day from Easter vacation. Oh well, can't control the weather. It sounds like your tour is going great. It's nice(Imean "spectacular", remember nice is in the trash can)that your Dad is coming to visit. We miss you and love to receive your post cards,so keep in touch! Love, Mrs. L