Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peace out Providence, Hello Peoria!!

One last PPAC picture before our last show there...doesn't do the theatre justice though!

Tommy and me at the, I never let go of my DSi in case you were wondering!

I have to do WHAT in case of an emergency?!?!

Chicago, IL...from a birds view!

Byron and the Beauty and the Beast Crew Bus

Robyn and me on the crew bus

This is the life! I could spend my nights in here!

After a terrific week and a half in Providence, RI, it was time to say goodbye!  Somehow, it's becoming tradition for our tour to travel during bad weather! In the snow, we flew to Chicago, IL and then drove to our final stop, Peoria, IL. It was a long day, but I love flying on airplanes!  When we got to our hotel, our crew guys were already there. They left the day before and drove to Peoria in their AWESOME crew bus. Byron gave us a tour of the bus. It has beds for all the guys and they each have their own TV!! It also has a living room space with comfy seats and a big TV.  Not to shabby for a bus! We have one more day off before a five show weekend at Peoria's Civic Center.
Here's one of the many great reviews from Providence..

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