Thursday, February 11, 2010

Opening Night Success!

Backstage @ half hour. Getting into the zone by playing DSi!
Cast and Crew before the house opened!
The show rocked!  Now on to the party!!
Lookin' good, let's do this!
My red carpet moment!!
Check out the CAKE!!!
Sabina and Me!  She's plays a fantastic "Mrs. Potts"!
Hols is about to grab me! Ahhh!

"Beauty and the Reese"
Me, Robyn, and Tony
Some cast and creatives around the awesome cake!
NETworks presents: Gregory, Deb, Hols, and David!

Opening night was a huge success! Despite the snow, the house was packed and ready for the show! I prepared by doing vocal warm up and singing some songs while playing my DSi. Our stage manager, David, and assistant stage manager, Tyler, came to my dressing room and joined me for a round of Mario Kart before the show. Tyler won and I got 2nd place....sorry David!
The audience was terrific! They applauded and laughed so loud. They REALLY loved "Be Our Guest" because that number is FANTASTIC...I think they clapped for 2 whole minutes! At the end of the show, we got a standing ovation from the crowd. The mayor of Providence came onto the stage and presented our director, Rob Roth, with the key to the city in appreciation for having the show open in Providence. I got to shake his hand too! After the show, we took a limo bus back to the hotel for a quick change before heading to the opening night party. The party was so fun! There was tons of great food and an awesome cake! The music was really loud and I danced most of the night. Liz and I had a dance off, she does a pretty mean "robot" but I think I won it with my "worm". Thank you NETworks for the awesome party and for this whole fantastic experience! I will never forget this night!


  1. We CANNOT WAIT to see the show Reese!! We are happy that it went so well! Who made that cake??? Cake Boss?? Duff??

  2. Hola Reese,
    We had snow here 4 feet so we were off 2 days


  3. Hey Reese, did you get the valentines cards yet. from ,mollie

  4. Yeah Reese did you get the valentine cards yet? Hope you enjoyed them, if you got them.