Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fort Wayne, IN and Pensacola, FL

Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Beautiful weather!
View from the stage
Embassy Lobby
Spring is in the air                   Southern BBQ!
Ribs, beans, loaded potatoes, pies and sweet tea!
Crazy Tornado tunnel....winds at 80 MPH!
Late night fun during our stopover in Decatur, Alabama!
Climbin' trees with the boys!
Pensacola's Saenger Theatre

I don't think I've ever slept in 5 different cites in 1 week before!  We left Chicago on Monday morning and headed to Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The weather has been so great, spring is in the air!  Fort Wayne was so green and bright. We had a great time during our 2 shows there. On Wednesday we headed towards Pensacola, Florida but stopped for the night in Decatur, Alabama because it was a long trip.  I ate authentic southern BBQ at Big Bob Gibsons Bar-B-Que and it was terrific! Since it was such a nice night, the cast, crew and musicians had a late night party outside of our hotel.  We played games, climbed trees, and sat around talking at the outdoor pool. I slept most of the day on the bus, so my mom let me stay up pretty late. The next day we were back on the bus and got to Pensacola just in time for our evening show. Because we were only there one night, I didn't get to see too much there, but the theatre was great.  The next morning, we left for Baton Rouge, Louisiana.... stay tuned!

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  1. WOW, that wind tunnel looked cool! Maybe that is what I need to get over my wind fear! My Aunt lives in Pensacola FL and I am going there this summer for vacation. I am also going to Louisiana for a few days. Hope you are having fun!

    Connor Kistler