Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fort Myers, Florida

Sunny Fort Myers, Florida
Beauty and the Beach
Swimming in the ocean
Me, Michael and Ellen                    Sea Urchin!
Beautiful Beaches of Fort Myers
Sanibel Island                       Emily and Me
Riding Taco, the killer whaler!
Sanibel Beach = Shells, Shells, and More Shells!
My castmates burried me in the sand!
Sanibel Crunch, Sand Dollar, and Cookies and Cream =)
Barbara B Mann, where we performed for the week
Kids Night on Broadway
Kids Night on Broadway: Meet the cast!
Company Manager Deb, Me, and Alex talk about the show
      Emily, Me, and Natalie        Shhhh...testing in progress
Me and Emily
Fun with my friend!
Late night sidewalk chalk fun
Lovely Florida Flowers

We spent a great week near the beach in Fort Myers, Florida! Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico was awesome.  The weather was perfect and the beaches were awesome, even in April!  I had to do state required school testing called PSSA's this week.  A friend of my mom's, who is a teacher, flew to Florida to give me the tests.  Her daughter, and my friend, Emily came along too. It was so fun to hang out with Emily...we had a blast!  The tests took 3 days but they weren't so bad and I think I did a good job. In our free time, we went to the pool, Fort Myers Beach, and Sanibel Island!  Sanibel Island is COVERED in amazing seashells. I collected so many, I don't know what to do with them all.
One night, the theatre hosted "Kids Night on Broadway" which is a program to introduce kids to theatre.  They had fun activities like face painting, coloring banners, and a meet and greet with some cast members before the show.  I was a little nervous to have 100+people asking me tons of questions, but it was fun!  I signed a bunch of autographs, took pictures with some kids, and showed off some props and costumes.  I even met a little girl who just played "Chip" in a local production of Beauty and the Beast.  I love Florida....good thing because next up is Daytona Beach!  Stay tuned =)

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