Monday, April 12, 2010

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Welcome to Baton Rouge
River Center Theatre
Special guest, Madison, who plays "Annie"!
Me and "Berry", my squishy toy (Thanks GM!)
The old capitol building
Awesome jet
You sunk my battleship
Hanging around town
See, I told ya they keep getting bigger!
Starwars takes Baton Rouge!
The BEST hotel
      Crazy bathroom                Look at all those jets
Pool party
Getting crazy with the cast
Boutin's Authentic Cajun Cuisine
Tub O' Crawfish
    Grilled alligator                     LIVE crawfish
The gang's all here!
Kissin' the crawfish                        Dance Party
Tons of turtles!!
S'mores at the firepit

I think I'd have to say that Baton Rouge has been one of my favorite places so far!  The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun.  Our first night there, a bunch of the cast and musicians went to Boutin's Cajun restaurant for some AMAZING food.  After a little convincing, I tried grilled alligator (which tasted like chicken) and held a LIVE crawfish.  My favorite thing there was the 'corn maque choux', which tasted like fried cornbread munchkins. They also had a deck to the back of the restaurant that overlooked a river and there were HUNDREDS of turtles!  I got to feed them some turtle food and watch them swim all around.  After our great meal, we danced along with the live band. It was a great night!
The hotel we stayed in was also one of my favorites so far. Each floor had it's own theme. Ours was Asian themed and had an amazing shower with lots of jets. The hotel had a great outdoor area with a pool, hot tub, and firepit. Each night we went swimming and our awesome tour manager, Deb, even got us supplies to make S'mores!
I also got to meet Madison Kerth, who plays Annie in the NETworks tour of "Annie". I got to see the show in December when the tour was near my house. Madison and the rest of the cast were phenomenal, I loved the show!  I never dreamed when I saw "Annie" on tour that in a few months, I'd be doing the same thing! Next up...FORT MYERS, FLORIDA!

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