Thursday, January 21, 2010


Check out my new haircut, I have ears again! Thanks Jen!

Seasons Salon in Bellport, NY

I'm ready!!

First up, stripping. It makes my ears itch!


Ahh...I'm blond! That's Jen, she works as the tour's hair designer!  She came along to make sure the color is the perfect shade of red!
My hair's all stripped and ready for RED! My mom says I look like "Malfoy" from the Harry Potter movies!

Red dye in place!

Finished I look like CHIP???

I've been very busy these past few weeks!  Between school work and rehearsal, I haven't had too much time to blog.  The other day, Jen cut my hair....look I have ears!  Today, we went to a nice salon in town and Jeremiah and I both got our hair dyed red!  It was pretty neat. There were a lot of nice ladies in the salon asking all kinds of questions about the tour. I felt like a celebrity!  I thought it would hurt to have my hair dyed, but it only itched my ears a little bit.  Now I have to use special shampoo and have my roots dyed every few weeks to keep it red!  Off to rehearsal..... I'll write more soon!  We ship out next week and head to Providence, Rhode Island!  I can't wait!!!


  1. I actually LOVE the carrot top! I will have to share your blog with the girls when they come over....I don't think Danielle or Jessica are connected with it yet...don't worry, I will set them straight! Pop and I just drove to Maine and back and went right through Providence Rhode Island. I don't know if you like seafood, but when you are in the New England States, be sure to order Lobster and Blueberry pie, especially in Maine! Hugs and kisses to you and mom. Love, Nana and Pop Richard

  2. Hi Reese,
    Wow, you look really great with red hair! I can't wait to see what your costume looks like. We are still working on unblocking your website, I don't know what the problem is but we will figure it out. We miss you and can't wait to hear about your first performance.
    Love, Mrs. L