Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bus on a Boat!!!

The Ferry! All these cars and our boat got on board!
I'm on the bus ON the boat!

Checkin' out the view's cold!
Time for school...math test!
Playing Go Fish with Chandon!
Docking in Connecticut

Today we left Long Island for Rhode Island!  Our ENTIRE bus was put on a ferry and we rode across the bay to Connecticut and drove the rest of the way on the bus.  It was fun because I now get to say, "I rode a bus on a boat!". When the bus was on the ferry, we all got off and had lunch inside where it was warm!  I had to do some school work but then I played some cards with some of my cast mates. When we got to our hotel we had a meeting with NETworks and had a fijitas and tacos (my favorite!).  Tomorrow we'll get to see the theatre that we will have tech rehersals at for the next week.  Next Monday is our first preview show and Wednesday is OPENING NIGHT!! I can't wait!

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  1. Hi is me Will, from Oliver! Did you do a real show yet? What was it like to get your hair dyed? It doesn't even look like you at all! How was New York? Write back soon.