Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red Hair and a website launch!

DSi time
Chillaxin' in a massage chair


Look, there I am!

We found Belle!

Today I found out that I will be getting my hair dyed RED next week (and every 4-6 weeks after that!). I wonder what I will look like with red hair! Also, today the official website was launched and you can check out all the Playbill bios and tons of other cool information about the tour. (
Jeremiah and I had off today! We went to the local mall and got Benderoo's at Toys R Us! It was nice to have a day off. Tomorrow we'll drive back home for the last weekend of Oliver! at The Walnut Street Theatre. I will miss all the friends that I have made during that show and it's sad that it's almost over, but at least I have Beauty and the Beast to keep me from getting sad about it ending!


  1. Hi Reese!
    Wow! I can't believe you are going to have red hair, I hope you will post a picture. I tried to bring up your blog in school to show the class but parts of it were blocked. I am going to see if Mrs. Strauss can help us, so everyone can see you in action. Have fun as you prepare for your debut performance! Love,Mrs. L

  2. Hi Reese!
    We received your first New York postcard today and the class was so excited!!! We all brainstormed where to put it and decided to put up a map so we can track your tour. We are still trying to unblock your blog, Mr. Bowen is working with the technology people so I should be able to share your blog with the class real soon. Take care! Mrs. Lesser