Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last night on Long Island....doing it up!

I wish I was BIG!!!
Me, Steve, Liz, and Cliff playing skeeball
I love this game, it gives lots of tickets!
This game was awesome!
Me, Liz, and Steve playing "Deal or No Deal"
Trey, Me, Gabby, and Hols
Belle Lamp prize!

Tonight was our last night on Long Island.  We had the day off and we celebrated all our hard work this month by going to Dave and Busters! I've never been there and it was AWESOME!  We ate dinner then played lots of games.  My favorite game was "Deal or No Deal".  I didn't get too many tickets on that one, but Liz sure did!  At the end of the night, everyone gave me ALL their tickets!  Thanks guys, you're the best!  I used some tickets on a crazy Belle lamp that everyone liked. We're going to take it with us to each theatre! It makes me think of the Christmas Story leg lamp...."it's a major award"!

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