Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Visit to Toronto's Casa Loma

Dakota, Lyndsey, Me, and our moms went to Casa Loma on a SUPER cold day in Toronto.  We wore audio devices that explained the history of the castle and told us interesting facts about each room we went in.  Here's some history about the castle:

Casa Loma, the House on the Hill, arose from the imagination and ambition of Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, who was a financier, royalist and passionate military officer. Following in the footsteps of plutocrats in America, he built this 98-room structure, with decorated suites, secret passages, an 800-foot tunnel, towers, stables, and beautiful 5-acre estate gardens to advertise his wealth and standing and to provide a fitting site for visiting royalty. He and his architect drew on the architecture and decor of European castles in designing the structure and outfitting the rooms but he ran out of interest and money before it could be completed. Nevertheless he spent almost ten years as the unannointed king of Casa Loma and when he was forced to leave his critics called the castle a folly and Sir Henry a fool. But few can look at the structure today without feeling a touch of admiration and be thankful that it wasn't, in fact, torn down, as it had come close to being.

Dakota, Lyndsey, and I came up with a really cool idea to shoot a movie while we were at the castle.  We're still working on editing it, but when it's done I'll share it here!  The last few weeks have been very busy so we're a bit behind on the blog. Hopefully over the next couple of days, we'll get caught up! Stay tuned for more from Toronto....

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