Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Niagara Falls, Lobsters, and Farewells...oh my!

A slide show of images of the Falls!
Downtown looks like a fun time
Reminds me of the beach...but a little colder! 
Getting attacked by dinosaurs 
This one's friendly
This one's not!
Watching an IMAX film about Niagara Falls
Daredevils of the Falls Exhibit
Someone went over the Falls in this giant ball
Some other contraptions people used to ride the Falls
I don't think I'd try this
Tomb of Doom!?!
Me and Dakota check out the contraptions
These people are crazy for trying this!
Niagara Falls is shared by the United States and Canada
Camden seems to think Canada is the better
Skylon overlooks the Falls
The kids table! Getting ready for some grub
Disney lights display
It's flurrying!
Niagara Falls at night...the water is lit up like a rainbow
The strip at night
Some special visitors of the show with me and Antz.
 We love when the audience dresses up. I gave them a backstage tour!
Photo shoot....the only time the 4 of us are in our costumes at the same time
The CN Tower is red and green
Hannah Chin's Lobsterfest!
Banks brats picking out their lobsters
Eric helps me while Hannah demonstrates the art of
preparing the lobster
Nic gets in on the action
Lobster prep table
Nic and Laird give it a try
Nick and Eric's turn! After some convincing Rachel gives it a shot.
Stephanie, Rachel, Kiara,, and Q take a jab
Hannah helps me
Almost done!
Tyler serves the final product
This one's for my mom (I'm allergic to lobster)
Lobsterfest Dance Party
Georgia and Adrienne visit the show
Sad day =(
Five of our cast members move on to another project today.
Our awesome ASM, Lori, made this rice cripsy cake!
Isn't it amazing?
The most awesome cake
Happy trails
Me presenting flowers to Elizabeth E after her last show
I'm going to miss my Momma Banks!

We started this week off by taking a field trip to Niagara Falls. It was a very busy but very fun day.  We checked out the Falls during the day, saw a movie about the history of the Falls, explored an exhibit about daredevils who rode over the Falls, walked around town a bit, checked out the views from the Skylon, ate dinner, went back to the Falls at night, and drove through a park with holiday light displays. Miss Kim is the best teacher ever and she takes us on the greatest field trips.
A few days later, we had a Lobsterfest party hosted by Hannah Chin.  She's an expert at preparing and cooking lobster and taught everyone how to do it.  It was a little weird at first but I got the hang of it quickly. I love to cook so this was really cool to learn.  After everyone prepared their lobsters, we grilled them and ate them. Well, I didn't eat one, because I'm allergic to lobster. We had a dance off and enjoyed hanging out together.
We had another photo shoot this week because next week we welcome Megan, Heather, Rebecca, and Jayne to the tour.  We said goodbye to Rachel (Mary), Elizabeth B (Mrs. Banks), Q (Miss Andrew), Elizabeth E (Swing/Dance Captain), and Stephanie (Ensemble) because they are moving on to another show.  We will miss them dearly, but I wish them lots of luck and tons of fun on their next adventure.
Stay tuned for another post soon....

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