Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Salt Lake City....Week #2

 BEFORE my haircut!
Scooter's making it perfect 
Almost done 
Ta-da! I have ears again!
The Banks Family 
Getting a tattoo at the Greek Festival 
Marissa and I shaking our booties! 
Greek Festival 
Bouncy obstacle course 
Cooking with Marissa 
Me, Dakota, Marissa, and Lyndsey frying OREOS! 
My new friend 
The scooter gang explores Salt Lake City 
Sights around town 
Dakota and I being daredevils 
Helllloooo up there! 
Dakota, Lyndsey, and Camden  
Making friends in the park 
Beautiful mountain view 
Tough Guy 
Don't mess with me 
Scooter gang strikes a pose 
Kennecott Copper Mine...from a distance  
Looking into the mine 
 Beautiful day for a field trip
Camden, Marissa, Lyndsey, Dakota, Me, Camille, Tyler 
Hanging out
A birds eye view into the mine 
Hellllooo down there! 
Each mining truck has 6 of these tires!
An old mining cart 
Actively mining copper 
Mom and I 
Getting ready to watch an educational mining video 
Tyler and I check out a few minerals 
Thanksgiving Point
Walking in the gardens 
Great day and great friends 
Shooting a movie 
55 acres of gardens  
Lounging in the grass 
So beautiful 
Photo Op 
Shooting another scene in the rose gardens 
Me and Tyler                                          Camille 
Lyndsey and Marissa                        Camden and Dakota 
All together now! 
More awesomeness 
The tunnel to "The Secret Garden"
The Secret Garden...just like the book! 
Such a beautiful day 
Marissa and I take a rest 
Another movie scene 
Tumbling down the hill 
Amazing waterfall 
                                   Marissa and I                             Camille and Tyler              
More waterfalls! 
Noah's Ark 
Lyndsey in the bear cave
Feed the birds.... I mean, animals  
Camille and Marissa 
Tyler and Dakota 
Beautiful mountain view 
and another 

Well, another amazing week has passed here in Salt Lake City.  I got my official "Michael Banks" haircut this week by the tour's talented hair stylist, Scooter.  I knew I had ears under all that hair.
We managed to fit a lot in this week, on top of school and rehearsals.  There was a Greek Festival going on near our hotel that we went to.  All the kids got tattoos, mine is a dragon.  Later, we made fried Oreos in Marissa's room! Thanks, Mrs. Smoker, for helping us and letting us use your kitchen! Fried Oreos sound gross, but they are actually very good.
One afternoon, Dakota, Camden, Annie, Lyndsey, Me, and our moms all went exploring downtown Salt Lake City. The kids all rode their scooters while the moms walked.  We went to a park and were able to check out a lot of cool buildings.
On our Golden Day (day off), we rented cars and went to Kennecott Copper Mine and Thanksgiving Point.
At the mine, we learned all about mining for copper. This particular copper mine has provided about 18 tons of copper, is the largest copper mine on Earth, and can be seen from space! The mine is 2 3/4 miles across at the top and 3/4 miles deep.
At Thanksgiving Point, we walked all through Thanksgiving Gardens, a 55 acre area of 15 specialty themed gardens.  My favorite was "The Secret Garden", set up and grown just like the book!  There was also a huge waterfall. While we were exploring the gardens, the kids all decided to record movie that we all stared  in!  It's a suspenseful thriller. I can't tell you more about it, you'll have to wait until it's done and edited!
 Next, we checked out the Children's Discovery Garden which had a giant Noah's Ark, 2 big mazes, and a bear cave.  After spending a lot of time filming more of our movie there, we went to the Farm Country where we got to pet some animals and ride on horses.  On the way back home, we took the scenic route and drove all along the mountains.  It's so pretty here!  We ended our great day off at a yummy Thai restaurant and went swimming back at the hotel.  Stay tuned for more.... Only a few more days until I make my stage debut as Michael Banks!

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