Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Salt Lake City... the first week:

Outside of our hotel
Fountain out front of our hotel
Moving in!
Downtown SLC 
Farmers Market!! 
PF Changs! 
Time to relax 
11 ish.... LOVE IT 
Guess who's coming to town?!? MARY POPPINS! 
                 One of MANY trucks                               Strike a pose.... "S"
CrAzY 'grass' pipes next to the Capitol Theatre 
Skyping, talking on the phone, and eating....
now that's multi-tasking! 
Me, Marissa, Dakota, Camden, Annie, and Lyndsey
walking to the theatre 
The BEAUTIFUL Mormon Temple 
A birds eye view of SLC 
New Banks kids at the stage door

My first Poppins company meeting 
"Michael Banks" costumes 
Poppins Family
Lyndsey, Dakota, Jaxon, Talon, Marissa, Annie, Camden, Me  
    Marissa and I                    More SLC sites 
Ready... Set... 
Lyndsey, Dakota, Me, Marissa, Camden, Annie 
The show is about to begin!!  
Opening Night Party...
Camden, Reese, and Annie outside of Squatters 
Camden, Annie, Antz, Dakota, and I at rehearsal 
Marissa and I skyping Kara (who was backstage at Poppins in NYC!) 
Clark Planetarium 
3D movie, "Sea Rex", about prehistoric ocean creatures!
Electromagnetic ball... my hair was all static-y! 
Just hanging out.... on Mars. 
One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind! 
Floating around the moon! 
Learning a lot and having fun 
   What does this button do?                                Can you see me now? 
Learning about energy 
Three little piggies
Models at the Gateway Mall! 
Marissa styled my hair 
Moms BBQ'ing on Labor Day 
Labor Day pool BBQ! 
Lots of great food.. 
 Lots of great friends
Beautiful day to swim 
Banks Family
Camden, Marissa, Me, Lyndsey, Tyler, Dakota, Camille, Annie  
Juicy Berry- Self serve frozen yogurt 
I got original tart with berries and chocolate chips 
Pioneer Park Playground  
Playing Uno 
First "day" of school... at 7:30 PM!
Camden, Annie, our teacher Miss Kim, Dakota, and I 

Wow! What a week it's been. We made it to Utah's capital, Salt Lake City. We arrived a little later than expected thanks to the Hurricane Irene, but we got here safe. Salk Lake City's weather is PERFECT. It's been in the high 80's most of the time. Even though it's hot, it doesn't seem very hot because it's dry and not humid like we're used to. Our hotel is very nice and it has a kitchen! The first couple days here we just walked around a bit and got acclimated to the city. The city is about 4,500 feet above sea level so the elevation takes some getting used to. We all made sure to drink a lot of water. Across from our hotel is a HUGE park that hosts a Farmers Market every Tuesday and Saturday.  We bought fruit, vegetables, and fresh bread.
On on our second day, we got to meet Talon, Tyler, Camille, and Marissa who are all currently playing the Banks kids in the tour. They are all very nice. The kids, our parents, Miss Julie (our wrangler), and Miss Kim (our teacher), all went out to lunch at a fabulous restaurant that overlooked the city.  It even had a retractable roof. I had creme brulee for dessert, I've always wanted to try it! It was delicious. 
Over the next few days, we attended our first company meeting, got to see the show twice, went to the opening night party, and rehearsed everyday.  The show is fabulous! It's a bit different than on Broadway because they really needed to get creative to fit all the props, backdrops, and scenes on the different stages of all the theatres the tour goes to.  I cannot wait for my first show!
On a free afternoon, we were able to go to the Clark Planetarium here in Salt Lake City.  It was a lot of fun. We saw a 3D movie called, Sea Rex, about prehistoric ocean life.  I also learned a lot about static electricity, energy, telescopes, and much more. Hopefully we'll get to go back, because they have tons of awesome movies playing all the time. Science is my favorite school subject!  Speaking of school, we started tonight. Since we rehearse during the day, our school starts at 7:30PM, I think that's really cool. Miss Kim is an awesome teacher. She's very fun and silly, just like all of us!  Some of my schoolwork I do on the computer, and some I use school books.  Once our rehearsals are over, we'll have school in the afternoon.
On Labor day, we had a day off! No school and no rehearsals. Since we've been so busy, we decided to have a BBQ at the hotel pool. It was a lot of fun. We had grilled chicken, corn on the cob (aw shucks style), potato salad, garden salad, grilled veggies, baked beans, and fruit salad with marshmallow dip.  We played in the pool all day and then as a treat that night, we all walked to a frozen yogurt shoppe nearby.  After we finished our yogurt we spent some time at the playground near our hotel.
AND THAT'S JUST THE FIRST WEEK! Stay tuned for more updates soon....
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  1. WOW Reese!! You are an amazing boy and I am enjoying following your journey!! Keep the blog coming and as they say in show business, "break a leg"...lol!! PS: Connor says hello and hopes to see you sometime soon!

    Kely Kistler

  2. Hi Reese!
    I miss you!!

  3. Great Blog ... So glad you can see all the sights ... and so can we!! What was it like on Mars and the Moon??