Wednesday, September 1, 2010

San Francisco, California....

The Golden Gate Theatre
Theatre Lobby
Backstage games with Britt and Laci
Fans at the stage door
Golden Gate Bridge...somewhere in that fog!
La mia famiglia!
CJ, Aunt Nita, Me, and Mom
Cousin CJ and me at Ocean Beach
Seal Rock
Lunch with family
I lost a tooth!
S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien....
....a World War II Liberty Ship
Dinner with Robyn's awesome family
Aunt Nita's favorite bakery
The fantastic Fishermans Wharf
Hanging with friends at Pier 39
Deb, Mom, Wade, Anthony, Me, Ellen, and JT
I spot Alcatraz!
Fresh seafood everywhere!
Boudin's Famous Sourdough Bread
Sea lions at Pier 39
Docks made just for them
I was picked to help in a magic show!
Helping with a trick              I LOVE Clam Chowder!

Ghirardelli Square
Chocolate everywhere!
Sipping chocolate and a PB & fudge sundae
The Exploratorium with Ellen and Wade
Jelly Belly Factory
The tastiest tour ever!
GM, Robyn, and Me before the tour
Robyn picks out some samples

My mom and Aunt Kelly's trip to Napa Valley:
Aunt Kelly enjoying the view
We rented a house in Pacifica...look at the view!
Walking distance to the beach
Late afternoon fun
Breathtaking sunset
Me and Julia enjoying the view
Me and Julia monkeying around
Duck Boat Tour
              Driving the boat                                         Having fun!
Views from the boat                             AT&T Park, home of the SF Giants
The Bay Bridge
Ferry ride to Alcatraz Island
On "The Rock"
One of the tiny cells
Cell Block B

An air vent was chiseled away during an escape attempt
Jen and Me baking cakes for Jeremiah
The finished products!
Jeremiah's goodbye party
Our last show together =(

We were lucky to be able to spend two amazing weeks in San Francisco, California!  I've been looking forward to this city for months!  My mom and I couldn't wait to visit with Aunt Nita, Aunt Kelly, and Cousin CJ.  They showed us all over town and took us to some great restaurants.  Some of the amazing sites in San Fran that we saw were: The Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, the Exploritorium (me), Napa Valley (mom), Ghirardelli Square, Jelly Belly Factory, and a Duck Boat Tour!  We sure fit a lot in the time we had in San Francisco. 
A few of the cast/musicians rented a HUGE house in nearby Pacifica which was right on the beach.  We had a great time playing games every night (hide and seek was my favorite) and cooking breakfast & dinner everyday. We also spent some time on the beach, although the water was VERY cold.  Most of the time, the weather was very mild. It was foggy and about 60-70 degrees everyday.  There were two days in the high 80's which all the locals told us was very unusual for San Fran!  We made sure to hit the beach on those nice days.  We also got to experience an amazing sunset one night on the beach.
Our last week in San Francisco was also Jeremiah's last show.  Jen and I baked him a couple cakes and I also made him a photobook with pictures of him and I over the last 8 months.  We are all going to miss him and wish him the best!
Now, I'm looking forward to a 3 week break where I get to go home!  Then it's on to......

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