Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scranton, Pennsylvania...

Welcome Home....well, nearby home at least!!
Scranton is the Electric City!
Some sights around town...
The Courthouse
Top to Bottom look at the Theatre
Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple
Library                                    Elevators
Castle across from the Masonic Temple
Getting ready for some White Water Rafting!
Help! Save Robyn!!
Rockin' the lifevest                    Lunch stop!
David, Julia, Anthony, and Ellen eating lunch!
Me and Steve in the tour guide's canoe!
Robyn and I hitched a ride on another boat!
The end of a fantastic day!


Me and Aunt Lauren          Me and NANA!!
Chrissy, Lauren, Me, and Mom
Nana, Aunt Kathy, Denise        Aunt Eileen and Me
Happy Birthday to Mom Cody!
Maverick, Me, and Max
Max, Andrew, Ian, Me, Maverick, and Justin
Mrs. Matey and Mrs. Andress       Me and Justin
Me, Ian, and Andrew
Max, Me, Maverick     Nana Lucy, Me, Pop-Pop Barry
Ahhhhh..... Don't eat me!
Cousin Archer and Me
Uncle Mike, Me, Aunt Pat, and Archer
Civic Principal, Mrs. Basist    Me, Ella, Kaylee and Liz (Belle)
Me, Liz, Makenna, Margaux, Archer, and Megan
           Pam, Me, and Shawn       Kasia, Chiara,  Mom and Me
Uncle Neal, Daddy, Grandma, and Brian
Aunt Jess, Aunt Danielle, Mom, and Nana Lucy
                    Me and Madison        Civic Buds-Luke, Brian and Me!
Smoothie time with Madison
The set up for our private dinner party for friends and family!
Annie, Greyson, Joya, Katie, Abbey, Luke,
I love them as much as they love me!

WOW! What a week! I have been looking forward to Scranton, PA since the tour started because it is the closest the tour came to my hometown. I couldn’t wait to see all my friends and family! Although I live close, I’ve never been to Scranton. One day, about 30 cast/crew/musicians went Whitewater rafting on the Lehigh River. It was so awesome, but boy were my arms tired the next day. We rafted, canoed, and swam a total of 7 miles! My favorite place to eat in Scranton was a Thai restaurant called Thai Rak Thai. We ate there 3 times in one week! I love coconut soup and chicken curry.
The BEST part of Scranton was being able to spend time with all my friends and family. Although I didn’t have A LOT of time to spend, it was great to see everyone. I am so lucky that I have all these great people in my life. Being able to share what I love with the people I love means so much to me! I’d like to thank all my wonderful family members, teachers, friends, and friends of friends for coming to see the show. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I do.
 Lots of love to:
Toni, Madison, Pam, Shawn, Tyff, Chiara, Kasia, Kim, Donald, Selena, Justin, Bill, Jason, Carol, Dave, Betsy, Teri, Max, Maverick, Nina, Andrew, Ian, Mrs. Matey, Mrs. Andress, Grandma, Lolo, Dad, Neal, Eileen, Jeff, Lou, Katie, Pete, Robin, Hieu, Jess, Alec, Jen, Brian, Nina, Lina, Mrs. Lesser, Mrs. Myers, Nana, Pop-Pop, Chrissy, Andy, Lauren, Denise, Kathy, Diane, Neil, Erynn, Nana Lucy, Pop-Pop Barry, Jess, DJ, Makenna, Colin, Danielle, Davey, Kaylee, Ella, Mike, Pat, Archer, Mom Cody, Bridget, Margaux, Megan, Patti, Mrs. Basist, Mr. Basist, Eva, Joe, Mimi Phyllis, Sharon, Joann, Linda, Jodi, Annie, Brian, Michael, Melissa, Abbey, Luke, Greyson, Katie, Joya, Melissa, Jerry, Noah, Natalie, Emily, Ethan, Sandy, Tom, and Heather! I am so grateful for all of your support and love! Next up… Durham, North Carolina!

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