Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CANADA!! Hamilton and London, Ontario...

Sleeping on the bus!                    Squishy hat!
Tyler and Me playing around in the hotel play area
The GO train
Taking the train to Toronto
Lunch in Toronto with some BTB cast
Toronto reminds me of Times Square in NYC
Beautiful buildings
Backstage tour of CATS!!!
We loved the show!
The John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario
O Canada!
Me and Tony at a castle
Posing as the Young Prince      Playing in the sprinklers
Great fun in the sun
Run, Reese, Run!
Legos with Dad before a show
Streets of London....Ontario!

Our week in Canada was fantastic!  We had shows in Hamilton and London, Ontario. The audiences were fantastic and really seemed to love the show. One day, a few of us were able to go to Toronto for a visit.  We walked around for a while and took in all the sights. We were able to see the show "Cats" as well.  It's a tour, just like Beauty and the Beast. It was my first time seeing it and I really liked it!  My favorite cat was Mr. Mistoffelees! Some of our cast members knew some of their cast members, so we were treated to a backstage tour before the show.  It was great! In London, my dad was able to visit for the weekend.  We played lots of games and the theatre had a big TV in the green room where we hooked up the Wii!  As much fun as Canada was, I couldn't wait to leave because our next stop is near my hometown!  I can't wait to see all my friends and family..... Scranton, PA here we come!!

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