Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kraziness at the Kinsley House!

Playing Jeopardy!
Winners of the Mummy Game!

School Buds!
Justin, Zach, Colby, Bobby
Christian, Me, Dylan, Madison, Colleen
Party Time!
Today I had ANOTHER party! Our neighbors, the Kinsley's, invited some of my oldest friends to their house and we ate pizza, played games, and hung out. They decorated their house with a "movie star" theme and even had pictures of me in my past plays! It was fun to hang out with my buds and the games we played were really cool! Everyone chipped in and gave me a basket filled with awesome stuff that I can take on has snacks, toys, games, and a cool custom made "Chip" shirt! Thanks Kinsley Family for a wonderful afternoon, and special thanks to Madison for all the decorations you made & for that amazing Oreo cake!

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