Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Congratulations and Christmas Celebrations...

Tonight my mom and I went to my Aunt Jess and Uncle DJ's house to celebrate Christmas with them. My Nana Lucy and Pop Pop Barry were there too. We had dinner and exchanged gifts. Makenna and Colin got a Wii now and we played Super Mario Bros. My Nana Lucy brought Champagne to celebrate my "Chip" role and we all clinked our glasses together to toast. I never had Champagne before, it tastes like apple soda. I love my family and I will miss them when I'm gone!


  1. We love you, Reese! Happy Holidays! See you soon. Hugs, Pam and Buddy :-)

  2. Thanks Reese! Have a great Christmas and have fun on tour! You'll be fantastic. We are so PROUD of you!