Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Best Birthday Party EVER...

For my birthday, the cast/crew/musicians of Mary Poppins helped celebrate by coming to my party at Medieval Times! It was a lot of fun!! We all cheered for the Green knight (Lisa especially!) and although he didn’t win, he came close.  Before the show started, I was called up by the King and KNIGHTED!  The food was really good, my favorite was the ribs and chicken.  They don’t give you silverware, you have to eat with your hands like they did back in medieval times.  Our section definitely cheered the loudest for our knight.  I’m pretty sure everyone had a really good time.  Thank you to my Poppins tour family for making this a birthday I will NEVER FORGET!


  1. What does knighted mean? Your missing a lot of weirdness at OMS (not me and mollie, surprised?) Mollie is not as sassy this year, yea right!!