Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chicago: Week 4 in "The Second City"

Saying goodbye to Yocco


Chicago Museum of Science and Industry 
Science experiment! 
Dakota, Me, Camden, and Lyndsey 
The Hamster Wheel 

Happy meals have gotten smaller or I've gotten bigger! 
Chicago Bus Tour! 
Our tour guide was funny 

Statues which guard Grant Park 
The city line
Soldier Field 
The Shedd Aquarium 
John Hancock Building 
Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park
The Wrigley Building
NBC Building 
Marilyn Monroe statue                          Chicago Tribune Building 
Chicago Water Tower and Pumping station 
Lego Woody and I
The Hershey Store

John Hancock Center 

Mary Poppins Cab Ad! 
Staying warm by staying close
Macy's Holiday Window Display is revealed! 

Checking to see if we're on the "Nice" list! 
Uh oh, looks like we're not! 
     Friends forever                                    TOYS TOYS TOYS!
Happy Holidays....almost!
Goodnight and goodbye, Chicago!

Our last week in Chicago went by very fast. We said goodbye to Yocco, who went back to Pennsylvania.  I was sad to see her leave, but I know it won't be long until I see her again. My Nana and Pop-Pop are taking good care of her while we are away so I know she's in good hands.
On Halloween night, the cast had a "Scary Poppins" party!  It was a lot of fun. Everyone dressed up and we played games, ate food, at voted on the best costumes.  The party was at Aqua and the decorations were fantastic!
The next day, we headed over to the Museum of Science and Industry.  THIS PLACE IS HUGE. There was so much to do and see.  We had a good time checking out the U-505 submarine and all the other cool exhibits. I wish we went to this place earlier during our stay because there was too much to see in one day.  Hopefully we get the chance to come back again!
This week we finally got to do a double decker bus tour of Chicago.  I did the same bus tour a year and a half ago when I was here with Beauty and the Beast and I've been telling everyone how much fun it is.  We learned some cool facts about Chicago and got to see some interesting buildings, statues, shops, and areas around town. My favorite stops were the Hershey store and the Lego store!
Now that Halloween is over, it seems like all of the stores are decorating for Christmas.  Macy's revealed their HUGE window displays that they've had covered up for a few days while they were putting them together. It was really cool to see all the details of the displays. A lot of them were automated and had some cool special effects.
After a very busy and exciting month here in Chicago, our time has come to an end!  The tour is off to Canada!  Although I hate to say goodbye to Chicago, I'm looking forward to spending the next few months in Toronto! We have 12 Canadian cast members who are anxious to be performing so close to home! Stay tuned for more to come soon...

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