Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chicago: Week 3 in "The Big Onion"

All Seasons Farm
Boys racing ducks
Girls and Dakota racing ducks
Country playground
Goofing around
Bumpy slide
Go Kart time!
On your marks....get set....
                         ...GO!                                     King of the hill
Petting and feeding some animals
The friendliest Goat ever....we called him Dakota!
Spitting Llama
Wagon ride to pick some apples
Camden and I are sleepy
Apple picking!
Trying to reach the ones on top
Beautiful apple orchard
Dakota is spelling a word with fallen apples
Me, London, and Camden
London, Miss Andrea, Lyndsey, and Camden
I found the perfect green apple
Camden found one too
Apples make us sleepy
Perfect Autumn day
Beautiful farm
Lyndsey, Dakota, Me, Camden, and London
Pumpkin picking time
"A Couple of Good Apples"? Well, that's debatable!
Found one!
Yum, Sarsaparilla
Indoor trampoline park
Jumping into the foam pit
Getting more brave!
Time for some dodge ball
Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge
Planning strategies
So much fun!
Pumpkin carving time
       Making a mess but having fun             Lyndseys Elphaba pumpkin
Dakota's Luigi Pumpkin                         My Scary teeth pumpkin
Sweep Dreams Benefit Cabaret
Q sings "Imagine"                       Kiara and Elizabeth
Mary Poppins rocks out to "Let the Sun Shine In"
The Banks Brats sing "Seasons of Love"
Getting into it!
"...Let's celebrate, Remember a year in the life of friends"
Click above to see the video of our performance!
Maddy brings us to tears                        Lisa has us ROTFL!
Elizabeth as Liza with a Z..... AMAZING!
I've missed my Yocco so much...I won't let her go!
Yocco explores Chicago
She likes the parks...but not the city streets!
We vote her "#1 Hot Dog in Chicago!"
Yocco and me in Millennium Park
Sleepy puppy
I love my puppy!
Dressing room Trick-Or-Treat!
Annie, Camden, Rachel (Mary), Me, Dakota, Lyndsey
Nic (Bert) gave us all our favorite treats!
   Laird!                       Trick or Treat in the make-up and hair department!
      Valerie (Mrs. Brill) tries to scare us!!               FEED THE BIRDS!
     Pugsley      Dr. Mark briefs us before we go into the haunted dressing room!
Pugsley, Angry Bird, and baby girl
Signing disclaimers before entering the scary dressing rooms!

Company manager, Steve, hands out the goods!
Our awesome Stage managers go for the "treat" route!
Running for our lives!
The female and male ensemble went ALL out and got us good!
Yocco is a banana split for Halloween
Finishing out a busy week watching Halloween movies!

This week was packed with lots of fun activities, events, and special visitors. We had TWO Golden days! On Monday, we rented cars and went to All Seasons Farm where we picked apples and pumpkins, went through a HUGE corn maze, played on go-carts and the playground, and pet & fed farm animals.  After that, we went to Xtreme Trampolines, an indoor trampoline playground. I've never seen anything like it before. It was wall to wall trampolines!  There was an dodge ball area where we bounced on the trampolines as we played the game. There was also a foam pit where we could bounce off the trampolines and jump in.  It was such a fun day! The next morning, we carved our pumpkins and got ready for our benefit concert, "Sweep Dreams".  A lot of the cast of Mary Poppins and people from the Second City improv group performed songs and skits to raise money for the Chicago House and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.  Annie, Dakota, Camden, and I sang "Seasons of Love" from Rent.  The great Nic Drommard helped us rehearse and prepare over the last couple weeks.  Everyone did a FANTASTIC job!  We loved being able to see our cast members perform songs that they chose.  After this night, I'm even MORE proud to be apart of this fantastic company! 
A little after I got home from the benefit, there was a knock on our apartment door.  In a million years, I would not have guessed who was there.  My mom's friend, Nichole, drove from NYC (12 hours!) to come visit and she brought along my dog, YOCCO!!  Even when I was holding her and  looking at her, I didn't believe she was really there.  She's never been to a big city before so she was a little afraid of all the noises, people, and cars. She ESPECIALLY did not the noisy "L" train.  She preferred to either stay inside or walk in Grant and Millennium parks.
On the weekend, we had another surprise in store at the theatre. The cast and crew hosted a haunted trick or treat for us. We dressed up in our Halloween costumes and went around to all of the dressing rooms. Some opted to give us candy and other treats, and some opted to scare us! The dressing rooms were decorated and some were really scary!  In the ensemble dressing room, it was pitch black and there were people hiding and jumping out, gross and squishy things to feel, stuff flying at us, and creepy sounds! The cast also dressed up like zombies and creepy creatures.  It was a blast and we got so much candy!
To end the week, we watched some Halloween movies in the apartment building's movie theatre.  We made caramel apples from the apples we picked and had popcorn and candy. 
Stay tuned for one last post from Chicago.....

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