Monday, October 3, 2011


The Majestic Theatre...
...Historical Landmark  
Load in!
Will Call
Inside the Majestic Theatre!
From last year...BTB wall mural!
Some sights around town
We're on the STARBUCKS SIGN!
Alamo Trolley
Best part of San Antonio...MY FAMILY!
Hannah, Me, and Olivia 'Just Dance'-ing    Grandpa Greg and Tino rocking out

               Aunt Kathi and Me                                    Tino and Nana 
Me and Tino
Aunt Kathi joins in the fun on the boat 
Abbey, Nana, Hannah, and Olivia  
Tino, Greg, Nana, and Tony
Tower of the Americas  
We ate WAY on the top! 
Hannah, Me, Alex, Tino, Olivia, and Abbey 
More Family!
My Nana and Me 
The view from the Tower! 
Hellllllo down there 
Fancy dinner for my Nana's 75th Birthday! 
Eating 750 feet above San Antonio 
Hannah and Nana 
Nana and Abbey 
Grandpa Greg and Esmeralda 
Tino and Alex 
Abbey and Grandpa Greg
I love my family  
The view at night 
Some other cool things at the top of the Tower 
Nighttime view 
Happy Birthday Nana!
 Make a wish!
Alex and Grandpa Greg rockin' out 
Opening Night Party
Olivia, Me, Camden, Annie, Dakota, and Lyndsey 
Salad, churros, and fried cheesecake 
HUGE bowl of pasta 
A lifetime supply of Paella 
VIP table 
Me and the girls!
Dick's Last Resort favorite 
Our mess of a table                                       We had fun!
Painting Project 
Olivia, Greg, Tony, and Me
Remember the ALAMO! 
Cacti everywhere....ouch!

I was so happy to be able to perform again in San Antonio! I have a lot of family that live here and it is one of my favorite cities.  We were here on Beauty and the Beast and I'm glad I got to come back.  On top of the family that live here, my Nana and my Aunt Kathi flew from Pennsylvania to visit and see the show!  Not only that, but it was my Nana's 75th birthday.  We celebrated by eating at the Tower of the Americas. It's a restaurant that is 750 feet above San Antonio that slowly rotates 360 degrees in one hour. I had blackened mahi mahi and it was really good.  After our dinner, we went up a few more feet to the observation deck and got to check out the city below. Later, we sang Happy Birthday and had cake back at my Grandpa's house.  We got my Nana a foot and leg massager from Sharper Image and her first iPod!  She loved her cards and gifts!
The next night, everyone came to see me in Mary Poppins on opening night.  I was so excited to have so many family members in the audience.  The show went very well and I got to give my family a backstage tour.  Our Opening party was really fun too.  It was at a nice restaurant with really good food.
I also finally got to experience the restaurant "Dicks Last Resort".  I've heard about it before and was anxious to go.  The waiters and waitresses are all very obnoxious and loud.  They are even kind of rude, but it's all just for fun!  Our waiter kept throwing napkins at us and making jokes.  He also made each of us a neat paper hat and put a funny saying on it.  My hat had "My mom still makes me sit when I pee" written on it, HA HA!
Of course, no trip to San Antonio would be complete without a trip to the Alamo!  We walked around for a bit but because it was over 100 degrees, we couldn't stay too long.
My Nana and Kathi had to leave at the end of the week and it was sad to see them go.  I won't see them for a few more months.  At least I have another week in San Antonino to spend with my family here.
Stay tuned for more from San Antonio....

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