Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chicago: Week 1 in the Windy City!

First things first.... DEEP DISH PIZZA! 
Giordano's Pizzeria 
One more slice! 
Exploring the street of Chi-Town  
Cadillac Palace Theatre 

Promototional signs all over town 
Banks Brats 
Chicago Theatre 
The view atop our apartment rooftop! 
Amazing city line
Inside the Cadillac Palace Theatre before our company meeting 
My favorite Chicago Thai restaurant, Ruby of Siam
                            Pre-show games                     Our wrangler, Julie 
Just as the house opened on opening night! 
Opening night party
 Camden, our TERRIFIC director Antz, and I
Anthony, Ben, Tyler, and Josh
Stage manager Greg, Rachel (Mrs. Brill),
and company manager, Steve 
Camden, Annie, and I 
Eric, Elizabeth, Josh, Molly, and Maddie
Me and my practically perfect nanny, Rachel (aka Mary Popppins) 
MP Bomber jacket!                      Garrett's Popcorn with Camden
Field trip to Navy Pier
Jolly Holiday? 
Navy Pier 
Me, Annie, Camden, Dakota, and Lyndsey 
Walking on the Pier 
Time for some rides! 
Funhouse Maze, scary but fun!                    Feed the birds! Janet is that you?
The Seadog, part speed boat, part arcitectural tour boat 
Chicago from Lake Michigan 
Some sights from the Seadog 
Chicago from the boat 
Awesome buildings 

Now on to speed boating on Lake Michigan! 
Navy Pier from the lake 
Our boat guide!                     The girls are getting blown away! 
After the informational and fun ride! 
Lunch at Bubba Gumps 
Ferris Wheel!                                 Andrea found a friend 
                     Navy Pier Carosel                               Mom and a friend 
Fun on the swings 
Annie, Camden, Me, and Lyndsey 
Fun day with friends 
Mini Golf 
Perfect fall day for this 
KrAzY kIdS!
One last shot of the rides!

Our Chicago apartment 
Our kitchen

We got to Chicago, safe and sound! We had off the first couple days after we arrived which gave us a chance to check out the town. Of course, first on our agenda was Chicago deep dish pizza! Good thing our apartment is very close to Giordano's Pizzeria. I like just cheese on my pizza, but some of us got spinach and pineapple. After dinner, we stopped by Garrett's popcorn and I introduced everyone to the best popcorn ever! I like the caramel flavor and my mom likes the Chicago Mix with caramel and cheese.
Miss Kim, our teacher, took us on a field trip to Navy Pier and on an architectural tour boat ride. It was such a fun day! The boat went up and down the Chicago River while our tour guide pointed out some really cool buildings and told us interesting facts about them. I saw a few of the buildings that were in Transformers 3. My favorite fact that I learned, was that the Wrigley building was where flavored gum was invented. Mr. Wrigley used to put the gum in his packages of baking soda to increase his sales. People started buying the baking soda JUST for the gum and then Mr. Wrigley started his famous gum company.
After learning about the buildings, our boat sped up and took us on a tour of Lake Michigan. We went really fast and it was super windy. They played fun music and our tour guide was dancing around. After our boat ride, we wandered around Navy Pier and ate at Bubba Gumps. Miss Kim let us get smoothies in special light up glasses that we got to keep. After lunch, we went on a few rides and played mini-golf. I got a hole in one! We also went in a fun house maze. After our long day, we relaxed back at the apartment and spent some time on the rooftop lounge area. It has a hot tub and a pool table, plus an amazing view of the city.
On Saturday, we had an opening night party at the Italian Village after the show. It was really fancy and they served great food. All of the desserts had tree nuts in them, which Annie and I are allergic to and guess what? They made us both a special dessert- crème Brule! I ate almost all of mine, it was delicious.
I can't wait to spend 3 more weeks here, I love Chicago!

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