Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rehearsal Week #1:

First day of the new Banks kids!
Camden, Annie, Dakota and Me 
Dinner at Schnippers after rehearsal 
Great friends already! 
Jamba Juice!
A night on the town... see Mary Poppins! 
We believe in the magic! 
Ready for some fun
The show's about to start!
On the set after the show! 
Backstage tour 
Laura Michelle Kelly plays Mary on Broadway!
Antz, the FABULOUS tour director, gives us a backstage tour. 
NYC friends! 
My buds, Anthony and Kara, who played Michael and Jane tonight! 
Me, Kara, and Dakota at the stage door 
Juniors for late night dessert!
Lyndsey, Me, Kara, Molly, Dakota, and Ellie
Rehearsal at Ripley!  Being goofy! 
Breakfast and studying in bed!       STARBUCKS!! 
Officially a proud AEA member!
Fun at the Thomas household!
Sachel, Sebastian, Me, Dakota, and Lyndsey 
Chips off the old block! 
Annie and Julie visit NYC
Blockheads...the restaurant, not the people =) 
Hotel Hijinx with Kara, Lyndsey, Molly, and Dakota 
Ellen's Stardust Diner with RYE!! 
This place is AWESOME!
Great food and great company! 
RJ and me at Dallas BBQ 
Fagin's gang fun at Dave and Busters
Re-united again! Sabina (Mrs. Potts) and me! 

Our first week in NYC has been super fun and packed with rehearsals, sightseeing, catching up with old friends, spending time with new friends, and eating some great food!
I met Annie and Camden at our first rehearsal. They will alternate playing Jane Banks, sister to Michael Banks. Both of them are really nice and I think we will get along really well. After rehearsal, we all went to dinner together with our moms, Camden's brother, London, and Dakota's sister, Lyndsey. After a great dinner at Schnippers, we all got Jamba Juice smoothies and then saw MARY POPPINS ON BROADWAY! My good friends, Kara and Anthony, were playing Jane and Michael. They were fabulous, along with the rest of the cast.  After the show, Antz, the tour director, gave us a VIP backstage tour. We met Laura Michelle Kelly, who plays Mary on Broadway and she even shared her strawberries with us (or Straw-breeze as we've been trained to say!). The show was so great... it made me even more excited to be apart of such a fantastic production.
The rest of the week was just as busy!  We had rehearsals everyday followed by meeting up with some friends.  We had dinner at Sebastian's house one night.  Sebastian just finished his run as Chip on the Beauty and the Beast Tour.  He loves legos and Star Wars, just like Dakota and I.  We had fun building his huge Death Star. Another day, Annie and Julie came to NYC to see "Catch Me If You Can" and we had dinner with them at Blockheads.  Rye, who played the Baron in Chitty, took us to Ellen's Stardust Diner one night and it was soooo fun!  The waiters and waitresses all sing Broadway songs and the food is great.  Rye told them that Dakota and I were in rehearsals for Mary Poppins and they asked us to help sing "Spoonful of Sugar'!  We got a lot of applause and it was really fun.  After that, we stopped by FAO Schwartz and got to check out all the cool toys there. 
Another night, my mom and I met up with my good friend RJ and his mom for some delicious BBQ.  RJ and I were in Oliver together and he is rehearsing here in NYC for NEWSIES!  We headed over to Dave and Busters after dinner to play some games. A couple nights later, we met up with Sabina for some great Thai food. Sabina played my mom, Mrs. Potts, in the Beauty and the Beast Tour.  She just recently moved back to NYC and is working as a vocal teacher for kids and adults.  It was good to see her!
Well, as you can tell, I've been busy!  Off to sleep now..... more to come soon =)

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