Friday, October 15, 2010

Honolulu, Hawaii....

Our first sight after getting off the plane
Big group hug....I missed everyone so much!
We finally get to meet Dakota...our newest cast member!!
View from The Chart House restaurant
Dakota and me playing Foosball
Fast friends...ready to go on a sunset cruise!
Mom, Tony, and Me before getting on the catamaran!
NETworks gave everyone Leis!
Everyone looked so nice, we pretended there was a wedding!
Fun on the catamaran
Thanks NETworks for a fun night!
I even got to drive!
Diamond Head from the catamaran
"I'm King of the World!"
Down goes the sun
Wrestling with Nate and Dakota
Our hotel and the view from the top!
Weikiki Beach!
Fun in the sun...and sand...and sea!
Ahh...we're getting attacked!
Pretty flowers everywhere!
The first of MANY shaved ice treats!
Back on the catamaran for a snorkeling trip!
Let's do this!
Check out all the fish!!
Ellen and Me
And even huge sea turtles!!
Catching some rays and enjoying the sun!
Hoisting the sail.....where's Gaston when you need him?
Tommy, Ellen, and Nate
Wade, Keith, and Erin
Back on the beach
I love it here!
Snorkeling with Ellen near the shore
After a full day in the sun, me and Dakota are too tired for dinner!
The Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall
Hey, that's us!
              Centerstage!             BatB now, Cats in December!
Me and Robyn goofing around on stage
Carolyn, Brandon, Liz, Justin, Me, Dakota, Robyn, and Deb
at a question & answer session
Enjoying the potlluck dinner from the AWESOME local crew!
EVERYTHING was so tasty!
Fans at the stage door! Dakota debuting his red hair!
Laci shows off her amazing artwork!  Two thumbs up!
Celebrating Dakota's first show! He was AwEsOmE!
Note to self: The Blasin' sauce is TOO HOT!
Me, Dakota, and Cliff on the bus to....
...Hanauma Bay
So beautiful!  It's an opened volcano...
with tons of coral reef...
great for snorkeling and seeing amazing sea life!
Having so much fun!
We don't want to leave!
Dakota and his awesome mom, Traci!              Eating candy on the tram
Kids in a candy store....a Hawaiian candy store!
Boogie boarding on Waikiki Beach
Trying surfing...
David and Ellen help me out!
Fishing with the local crew!
Then feeding the small fish to the big fish!
Robyn's going to use a spatula to keep us in the window
Breakfast buffet in our hotel room!
We made Robyn's favorite...spam, rice, and tea!
Watching a video for school
A field trip to Pearl Harbor
Here's where we are right now!
Some sights around the memorial
The anchor from the USS Arizona
Names of the fallen
Getting ready to take the boat to the USS Arizona memorial
The USS Arizona memorial
The ship remains underwater!
There is still 2 quarts of oil that leak from it everyday
The memorial wall of those who lost their lives on 12/7/41
The Dole Plantation
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Pineapples are EVERYWHERE!
I liked this plant
We took a train tour around the plantation
The soil is red because it is rich in iron
Chips take on the Guinness Book of World Record's LARGEST MAZE
Check out the color stripes in this, it's not paint!
The North Shore of Oahu
         Carolyn loves it!              Check out the MONSTER WAVES at Waimea Bay!
Snorkeling in "The Kiddie Pool"
Best Buds =)
Giovanni's Garlic Shrimp Truck.... YUM!
So random....but SOOOO good!

Lovely sights along Oahu's East Shore
Dakota is a little monkey!    Look at these awesome roots!
Everywhere you look is beautiful!
Field trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center
A map of the Polynesian Islands!
An authentic Hawaiian buffet to start the day                         =)
              Beauty all around       Dakota and I are in here somewhere..can you spot us?
We took a boat ride to Tahiti....
and made angel fish out of palm leaves in Tonga!
We also tried out our skills on the drums....
...and stopped for a treat of shaved ice in Hawaii!
Then we watched the "Rainbows of Paradise" canoe water show!
We played some Polynesian games and saw examples of living quarters...
and tried our hand at fishing in Fiji.
Fun with Poi balls and a stick game!
A light shower didn't stop us!
Such a fun day!

Aloha, we finally made it to Hawaii!!!  The tour has been looking forward to these 2 weeks since winter! Not many tours get to go to Hawaii and there is a lot involved with shipping the sets, props, costumes, etc. so we are so grateful to have this opportunity.
On our first night there, we met Dakota, who joined the cast as Chip, and his mom, Traci.  Dakota and I have so much in common, we became fast friends!  We were inseparable for the whole two weeks.
We got to see and experience so many awesome things while we were in Hawaii.  We stayed in Honolulu, which is on the island of Oahu. NETworks treated all of us to an amazing sunset catamaran cruise around Waikiki.  We all got fresh leis and had a terrific time. We also took field trips to Pearl Harbor, the Dole Plantation, and the Polynesian Cultural Center.  We snorkeled, swam, surfed, went fishing and boogey boarding at several different beaches. We also saw a bunch of sites as we drove around the island on our Golden Day. I LOVED surfing.  It was my favorite activity we did.
Our shows were sold out almost every night and the audiences were FANTASTIC!  They really loved the show.  Also, our local crew guys at the theatre were so amazing!  The had a potluck dinner for us one night and a few of the guys took a few of the cast fishing twice.  We all caught tons of fish and had so much fun.
Our time in beautiful Hawaii is something I will never forget!  Mahalo, Hawaii, for 2 wonderful weeks =)
Stay tuned....ONLY THREE MORE CITIES LEFT! Next up, San Antonio, Texas!

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