Sunday, May 22, 2011

First week of Chitty rehearsals!

Kaitlyn and I
Walking to the stage door 
The Front of the Fulton Theatre
Cast meeting 
Storyboard layout of some of the scenes 
Cakes at the Meet-and-Greet
Kaitlyn and I enjoying some downtime! 
Goofing around in the rehearsal hall 
Don't miss the ride! Tickets are selling fast!
Pool time fun 
    Can you see us??               Can you see us now? 
Shooting hoops at the pool 
Kaitlyn on the slide! 
Back to business! Music rehearsals! 
Photo shoot time!
Truly (Katie) and Dad (Curt)
Jemima (Kaitlyn) and Jeremy (Me)
Picnic time! 
We love our costumes! 
All dressed up!

Rehearsals are off to a FANTASMAGORICAL start! The hours are long and there's a lot to learn, but we're having a great time. The cast and crew are so talented and everyone's been so nice.  We had a meet and greet, a toast, and a party to celebrate the start of rehearsals.
We're getting to know the area of Lancaster better and have quickly found a few favorite places!  The Prince Street Cafe across from the theatre has great food and drinks. For a special treat, Carmen and David's Creamery is the place to go!  They have delicious home made ice cream. They make amazing shakes, floats, sundaes and the interior of the shop is awesome. You can play checkers or one of the other handful of games they have laying around. I've only gotten to try Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream so far, but I'll be back soon to test out another amazing flavor. My mom had pistastio, which she loved. I couldn't try it because I'm allgeric to tree nuts!  On a couple days, after rehearsals, we got to check out a local recreation center where Kaitlyn and I had a blast in the pool. She loves to swim, like me, and not even her cast could slow her down!
Our week ended with a photo shoot where we got to see everyone dressed up in costume for the first time.  Chitty wasn't ready for her debut just yet, but I'm anxious to meet her this week!  They crew at the Fulton is working hard getting the stage up to code to be able to handle the weight of the car.  They actually had to build a structure undernealth the stage to accomidate it!
Stay tuned for more pictures soon...
Tickets are selling fast so be sure to get yours today!

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